July 19, 2009

Hippie mudslides ate the podcast

So I think you'll agree that on the very few (four, maybe?) occasions in over a year that we've skipped an episode of the podcast, we've had excellent reasons--near death experiences on the highway, etc. Well, this time I went to a three-day hippie disco rave in upstate New York, for work, and it rained for seven straight hours on Friday and turned the clay camping fields into the La Brea Tarpits, and my car (along with a few hundred others) got ultra stuck and had to be hauled out by a hundred-foot cable while a bunch of white kids with dreads looked at me sideways. So, I got home several million hours later than expected, and have read about two comics, and we didn't do the show. :(

In related news, in case you haven't noticed, my car karma is preposterous.


stevo said...

noooooooooooooo if only i had the cosmic cube this show will be up damn those hippie skrulls.

Melony C. said...

Damn you hippies, damn you!!! KHANNNNNNN!!!!

tomfowler said...

well, you said you were going somewhere like "blazing man".

was the mud created by a brief rainfall that washed all the dirt and "natural balms" of the the hippies?

that's why you should never get a hippy wet.

or feed it after midnight.

fuckin' hippies.

tomfowler said...

" off the hippies"

...fuckin' spelling.