June 7, 2009

I blame Hitler

On last week's podcast, we mentioned that this week's show might be a day or three late because we were going out of town for the weekend and then I would be away tonight for work; Aaron thought maybe he would do his New Warriors retrospective whatever as a bonus while I was out. Well, very long story short, on the way back from New England today, our car had a massive stroke on I-95 in Connecticut and is now stranded there on life support; we hobbled our way home via a number of trains, but we are exhausted and demoralized and I missed my work assignment, which happened to be the Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction/Street Sweeper Social Club show at Jones Beach, so let's just say I'm trebly knackered. Aaron works nights during the week, so chances are we will be skipping this week. You know we only do this for really good reasons. I hope you'll agree this qualifies.

p.s. Our car, with whom we have a mutual hate/hate relationship, is a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, hence the blaming Hitler. That guy sure knew how to ruin a weekend.


Anonymous said...

once i started listening to your show it's been late. so it must be me that is the problem! i have caused your work and car problems. i'm very sorry about all of this. i'll try to stop it.

i have moved from wisconsin to colorado hoping the mountains will block my negative magick from hurting anyone. so far no luck. i'll try harder. don't blame hitler, blame me. hitler was my fault too.

jason from the center of the universe.

but really, i'm sad you had a bad trip! i love the podcast! and feel free to blame me for bush because i voted for nader in 00 & 04. =)

best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Wow, I hate Nine Inch Nails almost as much as I hate Hitler. I'm a Jew, but I wouldn't feel guilty about buying a Volkswagen because Hitler sees no profit from it...I just wouldn't buy them because they're SHITTY CARS. If you two live in NYC, why do you even have a car? Don't own one, just rent or lease one when you need to get out of town. Then again, I'm just an ex-subscriber to a montly periodical devoted to pulchritudinous, healthily-endowed ladies.

aaron said...

I'm with you, Anonymous #2. I figure if Hitler prevents someone from seeing Nine Inch Nails, he can't be ALL bad.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that all sucks. :(
I hope things get better for ya, ABC, so don't worry about the podcast. Real life sucks sometimes.

And, as I have suspected, Aaron is a dj at a strip club, right? Right!?! :)

Joe in HBG said...

Now, I love NIN. Well, the "Downward Spiral" any way...it's a classic. So sorry to hear of the back luck and I hope things turn around soon. We all miss you. Looking forward to your review of Batman and Robin.

Rodrigo said...

It is ok, i love you guys anyaway, cheers from brazil

Anonymous said...

i love the juggs subscriber! we need a segment entitled zaftig and have you interview him / her.

Sorry about your car though. It was probably pissed you forced it to listen to phish.