July 24, 2009


Just because I once wrote a post about Wonder Woman topless, doesn't mean I think it's ok that so many people come to this site by searching for "topless Wonder Woman". I'm just saying.

Also, I'm aware that San Diego Comic Con is going on right now, and yes I wish I were there, and yes I said last year that we were totally going to make a plan to go this year, but, well, you know. This week I've actually been at work till forever working on that hippie thing, so everything happens for a reason. I've only very sketchily been following news coming out of San Diego, but I do know there's a Red She-Hulk on the way, because OF COURSE THERE IS. Also some big news about Marvel buying the rights to Marvelman, the apparent excitement over which is the point at which my comic nerd cred dissolves into dust because I have no idea. I'll have to get learned up when I finish this hippie thing. Ok, back to work!

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Eden said...

My favorite search term that brought someone to my site is "girls of marvel sex cartoon" which is made all the more awesome by the fact this person looked at six separate pages of my site ... couldn't they tell from the first page that it wasn't going to have what they were looking for?