July 2, 2009

Holy finance, Batman! No wait.

So I've been at work until ungodly hours all week, because to my place of work, Michael Jackson dying is sort of like what it would be like if you worked at the world's primary music industry news publication that owns the U.S. pop charts and Michael Jackson died. Anyway, as I result, I bring you STRAIGHT UP LINKAGE oh yeah. Sandy at I Love Rob Liefeld has posted pages from Marvel's 1993 Annual Report, printed in comic book form, and it totally rules. Especially the "Stock Price Trends" chart featuring Storm.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, stuff must be crazy for ya right now with all the continuing MJ hype!

And I know that Annual Report. At the time, I was working for my mom's executive compensation company and I remember having to file and report on some of them and I was like, "a comic book?", other companies do similar things with their products, but if you were a comic book fan like me, it really stood out! :)