September 1, 2013

ABCP: Update, Plea and News


So here's the deal. We apparently haven't released an episode of Awesomed By Comics in six months, which I didn't even realize until I came on here to write this post. There is no one single reason for it, and it certainly isn't because we don't love comics and you. Now that May is almost two (!), the "new parents" thing is only an excuse in that it was like the first move in messing with a rubik's cube and then all the rest of it got fucked up--we finally got one side all green and the almost-completed blue side went to hell. So here is a full update on our status, a confession and earnest plea for advice to help us get back on the wagon, and some big news (no, not another goddam baby):

1) When we first started having trouble getting episodes recorded, it was because May wouldn't give us any uninterrupted time--we often would read a bunch of books and prepare for the show, and then couldn't get through it. Now, later in her life than is probably healthy, she finally has her own room, a bedtime, and we can conceivably make this happen more often. Now here's the confession: WE HAVE NOT BEEN READING COMICS. We got off track earlier in the spring, and got so far behind that it's like when you go on a diet and blow it once and then are like "oh well, that's fucked, might as well eat only cupcakes for the rest of the week." Getting caught up has been too daunting, and the most we have done is slowly pulled up to speed on Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. We don't even know where we left off on the Unwritten. This is how bad things are. So here's where we desperately need your help:

2) TWELVE MONTHLY BOOKS. TELL US WHAT THEY SHOULD BE. We used to pull in something like 12-15 books per week. There is no way we are keeping up with that shit. But we can still get back into our favorite hobby and put out a quality show every few weeks if we read 3-4 titles a week. You know us. You know what we like. We can guess what we'd like, but we barely know what's still being published. We will choose 12 monthly titles, based on your suggestions, and jump in cold. Think about it and let us know in the comments, the sooner the better.

3) Finally, here's the big news: The next time you hear an ABCP, it may very well start "Live from Oakland," because WE ARE MOVING TO CALIFORNIA. Aaron got a new job based in Berkeley, so we are hauling our shit and our cats and our kid to the East Bay on November 1st. Needless to say we are up to our skulls in crap to deal with right now, but the move is as good a chance as ever to turn over a new leaf on the things we love, like the podcast.

So there you have it. We have not been trying to let you down easy, we're just a mess. Help us clean up our act.

xoxoxo Evie