April 14, 2009

One of those posts

Hey kids,
You have probably noticed that the majority of posts around here lately have been podcast-related, with not so much of that "blogging" thing going on. Cold truth is I'm MAD BIZZY with full-time and freelance work at the moment, and so unpaid-fun-with-comix time is primarily going to the show, plus some brainless short-burst stuff that doesn't deserve bloggage (although I had a fantastic superheroine inspiration today that I may need to expand on here soon).

Anyway, I'm not going to say that I hate when bloggers do this, because I actually don't. I'm not so fussed for an air of mystery. Now I will be finishing a few things before going to Jill Sobule's album release show, for work, just so you don't think I'm complaining, and humming her song about a porn star to myself for the next eight or so hours.

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