April 19, 2009

No new podcast this week, SORRY!

Hey loves,
A million apologies, there will be no new episode of Awesomed By Comics this week, due to the necessity of a complete operating system reinstall for the studio computer for a bunch of reasons that are not interesting. But we will be back next week, and in fact may have it done a day early because I have to be in an all-day training Sunday and will not accept skipping two shows in a row. Please take this opportunity to download an episode you missed, I know you haven't been entirely faithful, you scamps.


Joe in HBG, PA said...

Down load an episode I missed? I've never missed a show. I'm sad, but this will give me an early start on listening to the last Harry Potter book. See you two is seven!!!

Anonymous said...


ultimate sadness... :(

Gabo said...

I'd resent that comment, if I was resentful. I'm a consumate ABC fan having heard all of the episodes. Hell I even listened to the Zombie variant in its entirety. (I know that's sad...)