March 29, 2009

ABC Podcast, Episode #40 and visual aids

We are extremely excited to announce that this episode of Awesomed By Comics is sponsored by an official exclusive preview from DC Comics that YOU DO WANT TO MISS. Landridge's Muppet Show charms, Abnett and Lanning deliver across the cosmic board, and Ubu Bubu wraps up with what is easily the most enterprising use of rectal vomit in a comic book this month. Also, we totally sing "Rainbow Connection" at the end of the show, bitches.

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Cover(s) of the Week

Evie's pick, from Ms. Marvel #37, cover by Phil Jimenez and Chris Chuckry:

Aaron's pick, from Amazing Spider-Man #589, cover by Paulo Siqueira:

Panel(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Runaways #8 by Terry Moore and Takeshi Miyazawa:

Evie's pick, from Muppet Show #1 by Roger Landridge:

Bonus Molly Hayes costume designs from Runaways #8:


Anonymous said...

Great reviews! There were so many awesome comics from this past week! :)

timbre68 said...

I really enjoy you show, it's well produced and very entertaining. I loved the Muppets comic as well. I'm looking forward to the the Muppets Robin Hood by the same publisher.

Can I offer two suggestions? 1) Diversify your reading a little bit more. I'd love to hear your take on "something completely different." Ask your local comic shop barista to pull a comic that you would never choose yourselves. Give it a review!

2) Can you guys disagree a little bit more. There has to be something that pisses you off about the other regarding comics.

By the way, Aaron's analysis on Watchmen a few weeks ago was brilliant. Very collegiate and thought provoking. It reminded me of the film analysis classes from undergrad days. I stole from you to impress my friends.

I do believe there was a female Galactus herald named Frankie Raye during Byrne's FF run in the late 80's.

Thanks - Jeff from Pittsburgh (long time fan, first time caller).

Evie said...

Thanks Jeff! I actually did mention Frankie Raye when I first brought up the Ms. Marvel cover (I thought she looked like Frankie Raye in the pic), but I didn't elaborate so it probably was easy to miss. Also, it's true we are very superhero centric--but we have been making a lot of effort to diversify. Ubu Bubu is an example as is Hexed (from a few shows ago) and a number of other indie roads we've gone down in the past several months. But suggestions always always welcome! Thanks for your feedback and support!

Neil said...

The singing was the most adorable thing. You guys!

aaron said...

Evie and I happen to have similar taste in comics, probably because she developed her love of comics by reading all of my favorites. But I do occasionally disagree with her - usually about batman stuff, which she loves and I do not.

If we did a music podcast on the other hand, it'd be nothing but each of us insulting the other's taste, and would probably devolve into fisticuffs and/or one of us (me) weeping every show.

Evie said...

OH IS THAT SO. (Actually, Aaron and I have overlapping taste in music except for our very favorite music. And he is a musician and I am a music journalist, meaning we are both grade-A assholes on the subject. So yeah.)