March 13, 2009

It's like after Stonewall, or something

I take a short bus ride (the ride is short, not the bus, meanies) from the train to my house after work, and tonight's trip was a bit shocking. The guy on my left was reading Y: The Last Man, I was reading Love & Rockets, and the couple on my right was flipping through Wizard (or something) and talking about Rick Remender and Walking Dead. This was a half-full public bus, driving through Jersey City. Is this what it means to be in a post-Watchmen-movie world?


Anonymous said...

awesomeness!!! :D

Elwood said...

Heh. Sounds like something out of "Field of Dreams."

"Is this heaven?"

"No. It's the port authority."

Seth Joseph said...

Coolest. Bus. Ever.