March 24, 2009

Episode #39 fuxored?

Update: All dicks have been forcibly removed from all eyes, the episode should now be working.

So, a few hundred lucky souls procured Episode #39 before Libsyn's servers got dicked in the eye and messed up the file, so now it is somehow undownloadable. Trying to get answers, please stay tuned. If it's not resolved by the end of the day, I'll try to put the file up somewhere else. This kind of thing makes me batty in the membrane.


Anonymous said...

I got it before the eye-dicking. It was a great episode. The pants thing was cracking me up.

LibSyn - Wtf? I use them, too, and I'm about to drop them. They can't seem to keep dicks out of their eyes. Their stats service especially. UGH. I don't know who to move to, though. :(

Anonymous said...

Being a hetero guy, I don't know what a dick in the eye would be like, but I imagine, odd. Unless it's your fetish or something.

That said, I hate everyone who was able to catch the podcast before it went down, since I was left podcastless. It sounded and looked quite awesome.

I am also, sadface.

Evie said...

It's back! Try again. Libsyn said they fixed it, and it's working for me now.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, it should be noted that the episode actually sounds virtually no different from any of our other shows, despite about 15 minutes of talk about why it will sound different.

tomfowler said...

i'm glad now that i'd worn my richard-proof goggles when i listened the other day.