April 1, 2008

ZOMG you guys!!11!

Secret Invasion starts tomorrow! I mean it started like many many years ago, but tomorrow we get to know how many! Or maybe not! Whom Do Y... I mean Who Do You Trust??? God that grammatical error will grate on me until I die! Or maybe the real me is already dead and I'm actually a Skrull!! Only Bendis and Yu and Quesada and Brevoort and Buckley and Oswalt and marvel_b0y and Baby Cage know! I bet they're all sad that April 1 isn't a Wednesday this year, because think of all the hilarious shit they could pull with this release! Except Baby Cage, she (it's a she, right? I'm forgetting!) has better skrully baby things to do.

Anyways, if my carefully researched hunches are correct, nothing will ever be the same again. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Kristina said...

I'm so very, very glad that I'm not the only person out there dying inside over 'Who Do You Trust?'. Thank you.

Baby Cage is a she, poor little thing. I'll never get over the Cable cover where she's strapped to his chest looking like a shrunken ball of terror.

Evie said...

Wait... Baby Cage isn't the same baby as Baby Mutant Messiah...unless I totally, totally missed something.

And yes. I don't care if it sounds precious to say "whom"...come up with a different marketing slogan if you can't take it.

Kristina said...

Oh, no, I'm just retarded.


Let's pretend that never happened.