April 18, 2008

Things I learned from my first few hours at NY Comic Con

1) Geoff Johns may have gotten the most audience questions and ass kissing at the DC Nation panel (deserved, he's rad), but Gail Simone got the most introductory applause, including a standing ovation by a handful of dudes. Who were mostly gay, but it's a start.

2) Geoff Johns is the hottest guy in comics. Which in theory isn't saying anything at all, but in his case it is. He obviously, like, works out and stuff. Even my fiance commented on his fineness over our post-Con cupcakes.

3) Geoff Johns doesn't really understand why everyone always calls him "Geoff Johns" to his face instead of "Geoff." But seriously, how can you not? It's like my friend Judy Wu, why on earth would you ever not say that whole name together.

4) Ok apparently I have a mini-crush on Geoff Johns.

5) Gail Simone is all the awesome I knew she was, and I'm really looking forward to interviewing her, which I am actually going to get away with doing for work.

6) There are some fanboys who think it's a real snooze that people keep bringing up how great Jaime Reyes is because he's the only really authentic, positive Latino superhero. God, how annoying and boring, they should just be happy that they get to have jobs and read comic books and stuff. It's almost as bad as those girls and gay guys who are always going on about how awesome Gail Simone is. SNORE.

7) The coworker I ran into at the convention center "never would have guessed in a million years" that I was a comic book fan. I will confess that more than 50 percent of me is taking that as a compliment.

8) Young women in comics get kind of uncomfortable when older women in comics start talking about feminism, because they've "never really had to think about it." Based on the young women's stated ages, I think there was some kind of bizarre reboot of socio-political continuity between my birth and my fourth birthday.

9) DC is going to launch a series about Supergirl in eighth grade. Despite any number of reasons for concern, I've tentatively decided that this rules.

10) There aren't many things cuter than little boys accompanied by their dads stepping up to a microphone and asking Joe Quesada if there's any chance that the Sentry could be a Skrull. Ok, if I meet a little girl who's being kept up at night by that question, that might be a little cuter.


Kristina said...

Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison are both Very Yummy, I'm right there with you on the crush. I'd scrap with you over Grant Morrison being hotter, but that'd be silly. Also, we can each have one.

Gail Simone is ridiculously nice and you getting to interview her is awesome. Also: funny.

These are the fanboys that like Ms. Marvel covers.

I could write a thesis paper on young women reading comics, but won't.

Glad you're having fun!

Caleb said...

Huh. I've never seen Geoff Johns in person. But I was under the impression that Paul Pope was the hottest guy in comics, followed closely by David Mack. I haven't seen either of them in person for a few years though, so that data might be old.

Evie said...

Oh I guess they could hotter, I've never seen them in person. Just going on my immediate, obviously less-than-analytic impressions.

Kristina said...

I propose an in-depth official analysis. For the sake of being well-informed, naturally.