April 15, 2008

Do you think batarangs are tax deductible?

Happy tax day, everyone. I'm bang-deep in work at the moment, but I will be at NYCC this weekend, so if you see a girl with a press pass and a slack-jawed, concerned expression, give a thumbs up. I won't actually be concerned, that's just the involuntary default state of my face. It has confused many a teacher and employer, and enabled repulsive candid photos.

Anyway, I unintentionally walked by Jim Hanley's Universe in Midtown yesterday, and the line was around the block to sit cross-legged at the feet of Brian Bendis and Matt Fraction. I had read about the event and considered going, but the pen I use for having my thigh autographed was out of ink. According to their posts on the Bendis board, Brian and Matt were "not invited" to the New York Comic Con, and so were just in town for last night's event. I'm guessing that "not invited" means "not given an award or had a panel named after them," since clearly, they would be welcome to attend and, I don't know, autograph thighs.

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