October 28, 2010

Some of Aaron's Favorite Webcomics and the Pokemon With Which He Feels They Correspond: Part Two, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Here's one of my favorites from SMBC:

And the Pokemon with which I feels it corresponds is:


Quick and Nimble. Get in, attack, get out. Nothing fancy, but it delivers punchlines as though it were a bug that is also a ninja, with a ghost cousin that inhabits the discarded shell of its former self.

Plus with Speed Boost, Ninjask gets a speed upgrade every single turn. SMBC updates every single day. This is the same.


Neiliocentric said...

On the bus yesterday, there was this little kid who was trying to teach his dad (who CLEARLY was not into it) the names of every Pokemon. After he finished, he started flipping through a guidebook going "Doesn't THAT one look cool, dad? Don't you think THAT one looks cool, dad? Oh, come ON dad, you GOTTA like Snorlax!"

Best part, though? When the kid was finished he said "Someday you're going to play Final Fantasy and all those GOOD RPGs..."

aaron said...

I do love some Dragon Quest, but I've never gotten into Final Fantasy.