October 11, 2010

ABC Podcast #111 NYCC EDITION and (pending) visual aids

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you almost entirely by the contents of New York Comic Con. (Comicon? Comic-Con? Spiderman? Spider-Man? Spader-James?) We take a break from our usual format of handing out awards to the week's books, and instead hand out awards to the weekend's events, with a smattering of books sprinkled in.

Whoa damn, lightning storm here is NUTS.

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Many photos coming tomorrow, but it's late, so check back for more. Also, I hear u liek Mudkipz.


MVBrady said...

You know ... Aaron really is taller than I thought.

And by tall, I mean smoking hot.

Liked the different format!

Seth Joseph said...

Hey, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Con, seeing what you guys were up to. There's more photos from my crappy camera/phone here: http://tinyurl.com/26nccnr

aaron said...

Mudkips, however, want nothing whatsoever to do with me.

Unknown said...

Excellent meeting you both finally! For the record, by "tall" I meant "of above average height." :) And for the record I'm 6'3".

Aaron, that story you told about the Last of the Polar Bears -- perhaps there isn't a sad ending after all. You made a comment that something must happen to one of the polar bear siblings, but I wouldn't be so sure about that.

If the book was called "The Last Polar Bear" THEN I would agree you had something to worry about, but couldn't the brother and sister in fact be the "Last of the Polar Bears?"

aaron said...

Yes, but even that would mean something bad has happened to ALL OF THE OTHER POLAR BEARS.

Ragtime said...

I just want to point out -- apropos of nothing much -- that the Dalai Lama is not a vegetarian.

A Silver Mt. Paektu said...

Re: Cosplay and Being "That Guy"

This year at Baltimore Comic Con there was a woman cosplaying as Ms. Marvel and looking every inch the part. At one point on Sunday she was leaning over a table to dig through a longbox and there were seven dudes (I counted them) huddled behind her taking pictures of her ass.

Stay classy, comic nerds.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Catwoman and Poison Ivy are also usually portrayed as vegetarians, even though in Ivy's case that makes no sense.

Eric Lyden said...

Cover of thr Week- My sister and brother in law were at the Con. She was Ma Hunkle and he was a Green Lantern, but he had a puppet of Ch'P with him which was pretty cool.

I wish I'd made it to this con. The problem is I forget what a big deal it is until the week of the show and everyone on their blogs talks about how excite they are about it.

Cover of the Week

Aaron- I also hate having my picture taken, but it's good to have a nice one taken once every few years. That way if you suddenly go missing the missing person posters will have a nice photo on them instead of having to use the picture on your license.

Oh, and THE BOYS was awesome this week.

Evie- Unrelated to the show at all, but you recently popped up as one of my "Friend Suggestions" (or whatever they call it) on Facebook. I was gonna send a request but then I figured if you wanted friend requests from listeners you'd have posted a link to your Facebook page somewhere on the blog.

StupidVelociraptors said...

Would Tony Chu be considered vegetarian? A beetarian? I mean other than the workplace unpleasantness.

Patricio said...

If I recall correctly, Wonder Woman is a vegetarian, at least she was when Rucka was writing the book. It was one of the issues she covered in her memoir during the arc that introduced Veronica Cale/the book tour. It makes sense given that she talks to animals...

I had the opposite reaction the anime folks, but that may be because most of the bottle-necking on the floor I encountered was from vaguely spacey kids in manga costumes listlessly wandering around and sitting in the center of the aisles.

Anonymous said...

Which do you think is a bigger trend in the comic community?

1. People saying "I am getting rid of All my paper- giving away my long boxes it is SO cleansing"

2. People labeling any art they remotely like as GORGEOUS

3. Dudes going over the top with not being a perv by feigning being Shocked at Any amount of cheesecake in comics.

Anonymous said...

Respect- Stan Lee.

aaron said...

I would say number two, as our community is naturally drawn to hyperbole.

However, in this case, go check out their work - if you like children's book art and cold color schemes, you will agree.

As for number one, it totally is cleansing - in terms of it is way easier to cleanse one's house without dozens of longboxes taking up all the closet space. A few years ago I sold five longboxes worth of back issues and donated three more to Goodwill - a decision that those marvel DVD collections of old Avengers/FF issues helped make easier. That said, it's a totally different experience without some sort of tactile reader device, and I don't yet have an ipad, so that's a ways off in my case.

As for number three, I think this needs further exploration, and I've got some ideas for the show.

Unknown said...

It's funny how no one seems to remember that comics have been digitia for a long while with the cd/dvd colections.
Are those printable?
I think that should be a key feature in the future of digital comics- if one wants a physical copy they should be able to make it since they own it.

Personally I think it's a phase issue I am Not throwing out or giving away any comics I have taken the time to bag and board- I love the experinece of being able to physically pick up an old issue.
But of course I will be buying more digitial for the convenience and delivery aspect - provided some kind of more reasonable pricing model is established. I can't jusify paying a full physical issue price for a digital copy.

Chris Murphy said...

Thanks again for organizing the Mars 2112 trip, it really was a great end to the con for me.

Also, when I introduced you as "hosting a podcast about comics and your cats," it was only because those two things were of great interest to the person I was introducing you to. For evidence see this blurry picture of one of her cats here-


A Silver Mt. Paektu. said...

Adrian Veidt.

Pretty sure Adrian Veidt is a vegetarian.