October 17, 2010

ABC Podcast Episode #112 and Visual Aids AND Last Week's NYCC Pictures

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by Evie's Birthday, with a special message from her mom! As usual, big wins for The Unwritten and Echo, Bruce Wayne's back before he's gotten back, Aaron can't understand why he doesn't hate Walkin' Supes as much as he probably should, and the new Knight and Squire knocks Evie base over apex and makes her want to shove madam palm and 'er five sisters in the map of tassie, innit? But the book's banging on about faff gives Aaron the habadabs.

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Cover(s) of the Week: 

Evie's Pick, from Amazing Spider Man Presents: Black Cat #4, cover by Amanda Conner and Christina Strain

Aaron's Pick, from Justice League: Generation Lost #11, Cover by Cliff Chiang:

 Panel(s) of the Week: 

 Evie's Pick, from New Avengers #5 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen:

 Aaron's Pick, from Strange Tales 2 #1, by Nick Gurewitch

 NYCC leftovers are down here, under this thing.

 An adorable little Bellossom, this was Evie's "cover of the week" last week.

 Laura Hudson from Comics Alliance, with Bully the Little Stuffed Bull at Mars 2112

 Chris Sims, Caleb Goellner and Laura Hudson at "Ask Comics Alliance" Panel

 This girl was not wearing a shirt.

Euge (aka famous rappist Adam WarRock) with Bully, with Laura Hudson in the background.

 WW + L (do the Mario Brothers have last names? It can't be "Mario," can it?)

Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie, both as dapper as ever.

 Transform and Roll Out ... to the food court.

Paul Tobin, Laura Hudson and Colleen Coover at Mars 2112. Why did Evie take so many pictures of Laura? The world may never know.


Back (L-R) Something, Trainer, Trainer, Trainer, Trainer, Team Rocket, Half of a Pink Haired person
Front (L-R) Team Rocket.

Ron Richards and Tom Katers from iFanboy and Tom Vs.

 Sims throwing gang signs, Euge indicating that he approves of your film.

 Anime kids playing spin the bottle for hugs.

 Aaron and Squirtle. (Squirtle was considerably more pleasant than Mudkip was.)

 Stan the blurry man. Also probably Ne-Yo.

 This kid is totally on the juice. Check out those abs, and that roid rage.

 I was standing behind these guys and had no idea why the middle guy was posing as part of this picture, since he just looked like a dude in regular clothes.

 Umbreon. Not entirely sure what it's doing ...

 Wonder twin powers ... activate!

 Not sure what's more impressive, Deadpool's face or his package.

WHOA LOOKIT ALL THE YUGIOH CARDS LOOKIT LOOKIT LOOKIT. Also Kaiba is making awesome Kaiba face. 100 points to her for awesome Kaiba face.


Neiliocentric said...

Hey guys! Absolutely love the show, it's one of the only podcasts I listen to. Anyway, this may be a bit indulgent, but since it was a pretty good week, I thought I'd chime in with my unofficial picks of the week.

Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #2 by Gabriel Rodriguez

Thanos Imperative #5, page 4

Agent John Colby - Chew #14
-For being an awesome friend. Aaaaw... <3

Thanos - Thanos Imperative #5

The Unwritten #18 - The origin of the title, and "the fate" of Mr. Callender.

Thor #616 - Thor wanting to bring Loki back from the dead. Seriously, has he not READ his own book?

The release of "The War For Infinity" by Adam WarRock

Knight & Squire #1

The Unwritten #18 by Mike Carey & Peter Gross

Ethan Hoddes said...

The "El Family Crest" thing was first introduced in the 1970s Superman movies. It didn't get introduced in the comics in the 1985 'Man of Steel' reboot. In Man of Steel the media called him "Superman" and then Ma Kent designed the costume with the 'S' on it. I'm not sure when the family crest thing made it into comics continuity, but I think it was around the muddy rewrite of continuity in the late-nineties/early 2000s, possibly in Mark Waid's Birthright mini-series. I think the current line is that its the House of El crest as well as the Kryptonian symbol for "Hope".

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaat!? Filmore reference!?! My favorite show.

Nick! said...

Listening for the first time, and loving it!

My one minor niggle is that Evie mentions that she enjoys Knight And Squire, because it ties into her Anglophilia.

When Knight And Squire turn up in Grant Morrison books, I think Morrison is satirizing the way American comics tend to deal with British characters/settings.

I get the impression that that isn't what's happening with the new book. Everything I've seen and heard about it tells me that it's "Three Men And A Little Lady"/Richard Curtis blind pandering Englishness that's on display, rather than anything that has anything to do with ACTUAL Englishness.

I guess I'm a little worried, as an English, that anyone still thinks that that stuff has anything to do with us.

(I sound horribly precious, don't I? Sorry! I was forced to watch Three Men And A Little Lady at the weekend. It HURT!)

Actually, it's kind of funny - a lot of the more English things around are actually American produced with English talent - Lightman's attitude in Lie To Me, Warren Ellis' Spider Jerusalem, and Greg House's shitty attitude in House are all REALLY English.

An English Joker, for example, would CUT. YOU. UP. For NO reason. Then go home and watch The X-Factor.

Evie said...

Welcome and thanks for listening!!

See, I actually think Cornell is also totally satirizing American views of Brits--but he's doing it with a lot more deliberation and humor. I guess I didn't make that clear--I don't think that's how the English *really* are, but it's playing into both our and your stereotypes of yourselves. And it wasn't half-assed. Morrison's Knight & Squire are just boring to me.

Nick! said...

(I'll be honest - I haven't been able to get through any of the bits of the book I've seen so far. I try to be positive, as we do our own podcast where that's the watchword, but I struggle with some of the writing.)

dmcd said...

The Bendis dialogue often falls flat for me in adjectiveless Avengers (and Mighty before it), but I've rarely felt that way with New Avengers. It's definitely very quippy, but I feel like he has a really good handle on Luke, Jessica, Spidey, Logan and Strange -- all have strong individual voices, making up for Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Iron Fist, etc being a bit more 'interchangeable Bendis voice'...

Especially Spidey -- Ultimate may be the best-written Peter around, but New Avengers is my favourite take on his costumed personality currently. Loved when he didn't get the emergency call this issue.

My panel of the week has to be Ivy in the background of the last panel in Echo, pure slapstick but made me laugh...

Happy Birthdays!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Evie!!! :D

Gaz-L said...

Just figured I'd chime in on Aaron's issues with Hulk and Superman.

The former, as far as I know, Hiro-Kala is the second son from the previous stories you mentioned, he's just had some stuff happen in between (he took over Skaar's comic for a while). And it's a little weird to pick up 'part 3 of 6' and expect to instantly know what the hell's happening, right? Granted, there was some Betty/Bruce drama that seems to have been swiftly ditched, but the basic plot has been pretty compelling thus far. Hiro-Kala hates Hulk and the Old Power, wants to throw planet at Earth to kill Hulk and Skaar. Hulks use Old Power spaceship to intercept him and stop him.

As far as Superman? I think it's to do with the little 'it's easy for me to hate Superman' gag Aaron threw out there. If that's remotely true, then that's why he probably enjoys it, because JMS's Superman ISN'T Superman, it's a jerk in blue tights with the same powers. Most people want Superman to act... well, like Superman, and he's not doing it in that series.

And I'm a BIG JMS fan. I adore Babylon 5, love Supreme Power, love his Thor, I'm even enjoying Wonder Woman, with some provisos, but Superman? Read the first one, rack-flicked the second, am not touching it from now on. Not to mention that he's apparently already late, as next issue is a fill-in by G Willow Wilson. I'm expecting the difference to be night and day when Cornell gets Clark back in Action next year too.

Unknown said...

Love the show guys.

Not to nitpick, but MIX is 1009. CIX would be 109.


Bill D. said...

Anyone else "hear" Sophie Aldred (Ace from late 80s Doctor Who) as the voice of the Squire when they read? I've totally gotten that vibe ever since I first read her in that JLA Classified arc where she fights Grodd with Batman.

Jim B. said...

Happy birthday, Evie! And belated b-day wishes to Aaron, as well. I did sing along -- alone, in my car -- and I harmonized, but just on the last line.

Aaron, that Gurewitch Strange Tales panel is indeed fantastic. So's the Chiang JL cover. Great choices.

No Unwritten talk, though? Wha' hoppen?

And is either of you reading Thor: The Mighty Avenger? It's really great stuff. Do try it. You'll thank me.

Nick Jones said...

The Mario Bros. either have no family name (word of god from Mario's creator Shigeru Miyamoto) or are indeed Mario Mario and Luigi Mario (as in the terrible live action film).

bird said...

don't bow down to the cat haters!!! people who hate people talking about cats are 85% more likely to commit violent crimes.

happy birthday evie.

Evie said...

Jim: Didn't I give Unwritten book of the week? Did I dream that?

Also, re: the Roman numeral--for the record, I did know that MIX was 1009, but Aaron said 109 and I was not paying enough attention to correct him. FOR THE RECORD.

Jim B. said...

Evie: Of course you did. No dream. Sorry, I must've been distracted near the end of the show. But thanks again for the non-spoilery discussion for us trade-waiters. Well done.