July 25, 2010


You would think that with all the news coming out of Comic Con this week, we would be all over it with a new show...but this is just a reminder that there's no podcast this week due to some pressing responsibilities. If I have time this week, I'll post some hilarious and irreverent reactions to various announcements and face-stabbings.

Oh, bonus points to anyone who correctly guesses what my panel of the week would have been. It's not super obvious like Terry McGinniss nuzzling a kitten or something but it is a clever cultural reference that made me LOL.



Ethan Hoddes said...

LOLCAT HATHOR! Between that, Delphyne's "Death Scrunchie" and the end of Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine this was a crazy strong week of comics. And all without a Secret Six issue.

John said...

Panel of the week (not counting every panel of Scott Pilgrim): "Serpents, why does it always have to be serpents?" from Prince of Power.

Evie said...

John wins! (Ok I did tweet about the line, but yeah, that made me LOL).