August 18, 2009

Well, this sucks

As Sandy just urgently DM'd me, Marvel's solicitation for the Assault on New Olympus one-shot, out November 4, includes the announcement that "the iHerc team proudly welcomes our new INCREDIBLE HERCULES on-going back-up feature... THE AGENTS OF ATLAS, written by fan favorite scribe Jeff Parker!"

Wow yay, my two favorite Marvel series in the same book! WAIT A MINUTE--Agents of Atlas BACK-UP feature? FANTASTIC. So Agents of Atlas is canceled. As another friend exclaimed when I gave him the unconfirmed news, WHY DO YOU PEOPLE HATE FUN?

Anyway, trying to find out whether this is true, but I can't see how it isn't. Dammit, comics-purchasing hordes. Why do you people hate fun.

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Anonymous said...

During one of the Marvel panels at Chicago Comic Con they said that Agents of Atlas would be a backup in Hercules for a few months and then get a relaunch after the Assault on New Olympus storyline.