May 31, 2009

ABC Podcast, Episode #48 and visual aids

This episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by a special EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of a special upcoming Marvel special Noir special event, and also a shout-out to Iowa Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge. Abnett and Lanning give Aaron a double cosmic nerdgasm, while Joe Kelly continues his inexplicable killer tear by jumping on Amazing Spider-Man, because why the hell not. You'll never guess which new creator team RUNS AWAY with with the gold. Sigh, is it June already?

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Cover(s) of the Week

Evie's pick, from Runaways #10, cover by David Lafuente and Christina Strain:

Aaron's pick, from Unknown Soldier #8, cover by Dave Johnson:

Panel(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Amazing Spider-Man #595, by Joe Kelly and Phil Jimenez:

Evie's pick, from Amazing Spider-Man #595 by Joe Kelly and Phil Jimenez:


Anonymous said...

Thanks ABC! Another good one. :)

And yes, when I realized they were doing a Magog series, I was like, 'wtf? As good as Kingdom Come was, WHO wanted this?' O.o

Anonymous said...

It is mezcal that is the drink that has the worm in it.

Evie said...

Mezcal may also have a worm in it, but as a San Diegan I have brought enough out-of-towners to Tijuana to know that lots of actual tequila also has worms. At least tequila that they sell to tourists. Maybe tourists haven't heard of mezcal so they switched it up.

Hank The Crank said...

First my entry for the have what awesomed by comics is having for dinner contest:

A Hiaku from Wolverine for ABCP...

Awesomed By Comics
listen to it weekly bub
or else snikt snikt snikt

Now I have a serious question for you. I LOVE your show more than anything save the obligatory (God, Jesus, Allah, Family, Country, Miley Cyrus, etc.) but I am always a week or so behind because I need to wait for my comics to come in from DCBS. A friend told me I was nuts and should just "acquire them through bit torrent". Which apparently is a napster type thing. (sorry not up on the whole illegal downloading lexicon)

Now here is my question, if i had purchased the comics legally and are simply waiting for them to arrive is it ok to download and read them so I can stay current with the show or is this a horrible sin?

I know Evie is a writer how would you feel if someone downloaded your article to read it under these circumstances?

I'd loved to know your thoughts.

And no I am not from the crank cast, put I am the president of the Aaron fan club (and also a client, but not client #9).

Sandy said...

I'd totally buy Power Pack: Noir.

Evie said...

Oh my god who wouldn't.

Sandy said...

Now that I think about it, I'm surprised you guys didn't do "Nova: Noir," aka "Noirva."