June 1, 2009


I'm a bit too compulsively honest to let this pass, particularly when there's some mild amusement to pilfer from it... if you scroll down in this post on The Beat, you'll see me looking a bit like a doofus, because I take terrible candid pictures (and yes even many posed pictures end up being "candid" for me, because I can't get my shit together)... anyway, I was talking to these guys at the CBLDF party, and they all had their iPhones out, and Heidi was like "good god, I have to take a picture of this," and I was like "ok well then let me get out of the way because I don't have an iPhone," but then Comixology's David Steinberger (who, I remind you, was already playing with his iPhone) was like "oh here, you can borrow my iPod Touch." Now, before you're like "dude has what now?" let me point out that he creates applications to read comics on the iPhone, which can work differently on both devices, and it is therefore not only acceptable but necessary that he have both to mess around with. But anyway, it was a Thoroughly Modern Moment. Now I want an iPhone.

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jason said...

Greatest blurry head ever.