February 9, 2009

Villain of the Week

It's this little guy right there.

That there is the common cold, at least according to the goobles. It's also what's set up shop in your hosts' heads, at least according to the mountain of gross we have both been creating.

And unfortunately, while I had "I am sick as hell" as an excuse not to cram myself into an enclosed area with tens of thousands of strangers in the height of cold/flu season - Evie did not, until it was too late, and she had already volunteered to attend approximately 45 panels. So now I'm on the mend thanks to a weekend of relative rest, but our beloved hostess is down in the pits of sinus hell, and making noises that if I were to hear a barnyard animal making, I would advise the farmer to get whatever animal was responsible for them checked out. (see title of her last post. Evie loves onomatopoeia.)

So here's the problem.Not only is Evie sick as all hell, she was too busy cavorting with tens of thousands of strangers in an enclosed space during the height of cold/flu season to read all the books we got last week - and I've forgotten what happened in practically all of them, because I was too sick to pay that much attention when I was reading them.

Now here's what we're going to do - next week, bonus extra super show! Or maybe just a longer than usual one with our stray thoughts from this week. Or maybe the same length because we'll still be sick. Either way, we promise we'll be back next week. Except no promises. But we promise. No we don't.


Anonymous said...

Please don't die.

Anonymous said...

Please, Mary Poppins!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't have punched that helicopter.