February 26, 2009

Blue jeans with a face

Today Laura Hudson wrote about a feud between Daily Cross Hatch and Rob Liefeld based on the fact that DCH's Brian Heater interviewed Liefeld at NYCC and made a statement in the post that perhaps Liefeld does not have the piles upon piles of fans that he once did. Liefeld said "NUH UH HOSER" (or something like that), because raararraaarrrar.

The Liefeld drawing of Captain America that Laura included with her post was, as all Liefeld drawings are, breathtaking (meaning that I imagined all of that weight on my chest and panicked and could no longer breathe). This prompted Aaron to direct me to Progressive Boink's 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings, and I am now crying and hyperventilating from laughing so very hard, so I just thought I would recommend it on the off chance you haven't visited. I've never met the man, and so I will admit to forming my opinion of him based only on the evidence accumulated on the internet, which, you know, could be an unfair charicature (unfair charicatures being something about which Liefeld is quite knowledgable, I'm pretty sure). But as Laura says in her post, it's sort of nice when people save you mental energy by meeting all of your expectations, and I think those expectations are excellently summed up by the Progressive Boink guys thusly:
The man is a pair of blue jeans with a face. He has on a backwards cap, and when he turns it around, it's still backwards.

UPDATE: Laura actually linked to Progressive Boink in her post as well, I was just too stupid to notice. Anyway.


Evie said...

Holy hell you guys my face is leaking so hard from reading this.

"Can you imagine how hard you would elbow your friend if you saw a dude with three ponytails? You would elbow the shit out of them."

Evie said...

"When you create a character and you give him a bunch of ponytails, you have nobody but yourself to blame when you have to draw them on."

Eden said...

I re-read those every so often and then start laughing like a crazy person. I can't believe we all gave that man so much money

John said...

I'm still digging Rob's stuff all these years later, and I'm definitely not alone. Laugh if you will, but he's definitely been very successful.

Evie said...

Of course you're not, and of course he has. If he hadn't, there wouldn't be so much material to riff on. It's what makes comics fun, right?

plok said...

The blue jeans and cap line...aside from how frickin' hysterical the whole post is, those lines make me really, really envious.