October 23, 2011

Awesomed By Comics Podcast Episode #ONE FIFTY FIVE (I keep messing up the titles.)

This QUADRUPLE-SIZED episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast, which is nearly 50% longer than usual, is brought to you by the Awesomed By Comics 30-Word, Non-Pandering, Juggling-Inclusive, Bananarama Fanfiction Challenge! Here are the rules:

1) Entries must be 30 Words.

2) Entries must be fanfiction of some kind (regardless of what you're writing about).

3) Entries must include the act of juggling.

4) Entries that include blatant pandering will be disqualified.

Send your entries to our email address, with the subject line "Bananarama"

(note: fanfiction should not be about Bananarama.)

The winner will receive an AWESOMED BY COMICS PRIZE PAK (haha) which includes two (2) comics written and signed by Greg Pak, and an Apple iPad picture, drawn by me. It may or may not also include some cat food.

We go over our winners and losers from the past two weeks in comics, AND the New York Comic Con! Big wins for Unwritten, Journey Into Mystery, Batman, Birds of Prey, Pokemon Cosplay, Bake Sale, Wonder Woman, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Trevor Cahill. Big losses for those chicks changing into their robot maid outfits in the bathroom.

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Pictures and stuff LATER, TATERS!

But for now, here's what should be EVERYONE'S cover of the week:


Psycho Judge Metal Gear said...

153 is called 154, 154 is called 155, oh myyyyyy confusing!

(Keep rockin folks, groovy shows)

Catwoman is the best. Also Detective is pretty fun.

Savage Dragon and Judge Dredd gogogo.

Psycho Judge Metal Gear said...

One more thing folks, Invincible! Oh sweet Invincible is a must read for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hello Meaghan!

Anonymous said...

Come on Aaron- The changing room wasn't just a box with a boss hog sitting there watching girls undress.
Of course there was separate sections for privacy to change in.

ericmci said...

Fear Itself was 5x worse than any event Marvel has ever done. Even worse than Secret Invasion- with ought question.

When you go to the Dick circus- don't get the cotton candy.

Just saying.

BoopBeep said...

Earth's Mightiest Heroes is def the best animated show- Conor from Ifanboy says so and he is always right.

Anonymous said...

bruce wayne in this is 25
They said the Batman world would be left alone
but seems like a lot has changed including catwoman.

Evie said...

Where are you seeing that Bruce Wayne is 25? That seems downright impossible, since Dick Grayson is already Nightwing. If Bruce is 25, these guys are even more out of their minds than I thought.

Anonymous said...

I heard tell that we were going to see a picture of Power Horse?

Lebeau2501 said...

Aaron and Evie are still trying to take in all the awesome of Power Horse. Be patient.

Kevin Rapp said...

Regarding Journey Into Mystery, here's how I understood it:

In mythology, Thor is prophesied to kill The Midgard Serpent, walk nine steps, and then fall over and die. Whether The Serpent is actually The Midgard Serpent has been up for debate (The Midgard Serpent is actually Loki's child, not Odin's brother, and we've seen The Midgard Serpent in the comics before), but the fact that they refer to the prophecy of Thor killing a Serpent and dying kind of implies that it is the Midgard Serpent.

Okay, so, Journey Into Mystery: Basically, Loki discovers from his travels into the World Tree (in Mighty Thor) that the Serpent is pretty much unbeatable, even though it is foretold in the prophecy (which Loki directly tells us in this issue: "Prophecy was but a natural law, and there is no law that could lower [The Serpent]'s head.") Loki re-wrote the book of the Serpent's history, basically creating a flaw in the Serpent so that Thor would be able to fulfill the prophecy, kill the Serpent, and die. If Loki didn't re-write the Serpent's history, Thor still would have been killed (as Thor is definitely affected by prophecy, even though the Serpent is not), without being able to stop the Serpent.

That's my reading of it, at least.

ferris said...

I guess they're maybe more YA books than all ages, but have you guys read Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol or A Home For Mr Easter by Brooke Allen? They're both great, and Anya is one of my favorite comics in a long time.

And I'd have to agree with ericmci, Bendis' events were pretty clumsy, but Fear Itself out-stunk them all several times over. Even the well done tie-ins I didn't find actually enjoyable to read, with the exception of, ironically, Invincible Iron Man.

Anonymous said...

Love the show.

I have to disagree with you concerning Catwoman, though (well, more Aaron than Evie). The candid look at both Bruce's and Selina's sexuality is a breathe of fresh air. Comic books have traditionally preferred to cover up the more lurid (or erotic) aspects of the superhero genre; Wonder Woman, in particular, is rendered as virginal not because it conforms with the internal logic of her character but because writers don't like to "go there". The new series seems to be redressing this by shattering the silly myth that Diana was born of mud and lot of praying. It turns out now mommy was far more prone to passion than Amazon culture is comfortable with (perhaps this is a commentary on American attitudes toward sex?)

In addition: the fact that Batman is portrayed as someone given over to lust only serves to humanize a character that has often been described as a mono-manical brute devoid of feeling(s). Now, it seems, he has a weakness for a woman he really wants (though he shouldn't) and loses control whenever he's around her. Who doesn't want to see how that pans out?

Again, great show.

Evie said...

I agree with you in theory, as far as sex in comics goes as a concept -- but I suggest you read Laura Hudson's essay on this for the best explanation of why this particular handling of it is unappealing to many.


Anonymous said...

Yup 25
It states that a 25yr old Bruce Wayne is returning to Gotham after so many years abroad.
I know.
It makes no sense- and to me is a huge error in planning at the least.

Billie Mays said...

Did y'all recieve any Gabriel Baaaaah and Fabio MOOn pics? I'd like to see them.

Shawn said...

You know how you wake up in the morning, and about 10 minutes later you remember the dream you had last night, and you recall most of the things in it, but there are some things that you try to piece together but you just can't recall how it all went? That's how Fear Itself felt to me.

And Evie, if you like where X-Men is going I am looking forward to your thoughts on Wolvie and the X-Men #1. It was simultaneously serious and charming, and dare I say......fun!

I want "Dick Circus" emblazoned on a Tee-shirt. Or a belt buckle, maybe.


DocWhiskey said...

Don't know if you have seen it and I know jokes about it have been done to death, but the new episode of South Park this week had a nice joke about the Spiderman musical.

Martin Gray said...

@Kevin, cheers for the explanation. Thor is affected by prophesy but the serpent is not? But if the Serpent is part of the prophesy, surely he's affected by it? And if he isn't, why not? Who makes the Prophesy Rules, is there a committee I could join (and disrupt - I sodding hate prophecies, people in comics should just ignore them!)

Wonderful to see Power Horse. After Wonder Woman #1 and All-Star Western #2, I'd say that the DCnU certainly needs a horse champeen.

alberto de jesus said...

That Power Horse cover is all that I want in a comic and then some.