October 30, 2011

Awesomed By Comics Podcast Episode #156

This return-to-regular-sized episode of ABCP is brought to you by week two of the Bananarama (etc) fanfiction challenge, along with some handy suggestions of properties one could fanfictionalize. In a week with three major surprises, there are no surprises at all among our winners, as Daredevil and Journey Into Mystery take home top honors, like they both almost always do when they come out. Aside from that, a strong but creepy-as-hell start to Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer's Stitched, another great issue of Incorruptible, and a twist in Avengers Academy that had us both beaming when we read it.

Oh, and there's a box full of ladies.

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C to the Overs:


WCJR said...

Don't want to sound too nit-picky, but I think your analysis of the Catwoman short was rather inaccurate and too brief to serve as a proper guide for potential viewers.

First, though the scene in the strip club takes place for about five minutes, most of it is occupied by either dialogue or fighting (the 'strip' scene with Catwoman only lasts for about forty seconds; the one with the blonde, around a minute and a half). There is simply not five minutes of 'cartoon ladies' stripping, as Aaron says.

Second, the diamond does not go "half-way up" the blonde stripper's "coochie", as you hyperbolically state (Ok, you're trying to be funny, and I get that; however, do you have to make it sound that what was being depicted was hardcore porn?). She does the splits and then picks it up (with her hand). That's about it.

For the record, I too did not like the short, though for purely mechanical reasons: I simply found the plot too contrived and uninteresting.

As matter of fact, it was only after your eviscerating review that I watched it out of curiosity (for obvious reasons, I saw Year One first). I was kind of surprised to see there was much ado about nothing after it was over. As a short, it's the worst of all the DC DIRECTs. But that's about all...

Also: I think you should keep in mind that even though the trope of sex slavery has been beaten to death in comics, it's simply not the case with the DC DIRECT line, a format which is designed to retell many classic stories and runs. After all, these movies, as well as the shorts that frequently accompany them, are meant to lure in non-readers; some people will have watched the short currently under discussion not having seen Catwoman in any format. And given the quality of the short itself, that's rather unfortunate.

Respectfully, I think that a fairer and more fuller analysis is in order next time.

Ethan Hoddes said...

The 'Three million years' was the time since the 'Supremor Seed' was made as a backup Supreme Intelligence.

Shawn said...

I have had such a crazy ass week. Lots of changes. I can't wait to chill out with this latest podcast. You guys have become my favorite thing to listen to since my Nico Muhly phase. ( google him ).

Thank You!!


Paige said...
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Lebeau2501 said...

The critique of your critique is my crap of the week. I think that rhymes.

Charlie E/N said...

I was totally surprised by the awesomeness of Wolverine and the X-Men. I'm a lifelong X-Men fan, but not too keen on Wolverine and his ubiquitous nature.

I'm also not too versed on Jason Aaron's writing, but with "snikt!" versus Kieron Gillen writing Cyclops & Emma, I figured Uncanny would be my favourite. It may still be, but Wolverine & The X-Men was totally my first or last of the week.

Now I'm caught up with your episodes after a marathon lasting since April, I've realised that I need to check out my favourites before lending my comics out.

As one of the people stupidly getting all the core X-titles, I'm also considering Wolvie & The X-Men a good sign that they won't be rushing all the final parts of current stories out, giving us an X-Men Legacy pretty much every damn week. My wallet can't handle that kind of thing.

My comic-related non-comic thing will be the potential that I'm getting a comic geek flatmate.

Oh, and damn you guys for getting Pokemon Rumble before us in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think Evie might know a little something about the penis forest.

Evie said...

Charming, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Take a look inside--

It's a box o'ladies...

Wait what is Holly Robinson Peet doing hooking??

"anonymous" said...

When a podcast throws out terms like
dick circus and penis forest- comments are going to happen-

Fraggle Rock Me Amadeus said...

New listener, just discovered your show. Good stuff guys, I enjoy your format a lot! I don't always agree with the books you guys like, but I still enjoy listening to you talking about them. That says something. :)

The off topic intro runs a bit too long for my taste. I'm all for off topic stuff, but not a fan of so much Pokemon talk. I don't think you should change doing what you enjoy. But maybe put a chapter break for people to skip ahead? Just a thought.

Oh, and has anyone ever told you that you guys have a very Sklar Brothers-like repartee? You guys either are related to them or must be big fans. Lol.

Glad I found your podcast! Look forward to listening to many more!

Anonymous said...

"Ladies in a box" raised an issue that I think comes up a lot. I'm not at all denying that "ladies in a box" may be a tired trope, and maybe was used 10 times in the last year, but it is also the case that you "professional podcaster" people probably read 10 times as many comics as I do.

So, how do you determine whether something is a "tired trope," or if there is an assumption that Huntress/ Deadpool/ Catwoman video and the Question are aimed at different audiences, and only a very small percentage of readers will have seen more than one of them?

Putting aside ladies in a box, which can be distasteful for a number of reasons, I feel that we listeners often hear people who read lots more than we do complain about tired tropes that I have never seen before.

Eric ESS Johnson of "The Wednesday Funnies" said...

Dope Von Slammin is not getting enough love in these comments. Furthermore, neither is Fisticuffs Mortimer Dungrug. Let's talk about the stuff that matters, people!

ferris said...

Yeah, Commentland is kind of a drag this week...

And sorry "anonymous" but nobody should expect or accept creepy comments just because a woman says "penis"... the only ones to blame for creepy comments are the creepy comment-makers.

anon said...

It's a good thing women have you to defend them Ferris.
And for the record it was a joke- not a "comment"
And for the record she said Penis Forrest not penis in the clinical sense.
Stop kissing ass.

Eric ESS Johnson of "The Wednesday Funnies" said...

There is too much bickering going on here and not enough talking about the band Firehouse. Remember those guys? They never treated me bad.

Anonymous said...

If I was going to write the 30 word challenge-
It would be a battle between Firehouse and the australian band Icehouse!


ferris said...

- I wasn't defending anyone, but way to miss my whole point because you think I'm a man.
- I said "comment" because I was responding to "comments are going to happen". Either way the "joke" was posted in a comment, one that I found creepy.
- You can add any word after "penis" and say it in any context, I still don't think doing so invites creepy jokes.

That's it for me on this one. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Now if you want to see "creepy"

Ashton Kutcher says don't buy women-


I assume he means either individually or in bulk.

Mikael said...

I seem to recall that Sentinel kid appearing as a grown up with pet Sentinel in tow in Grant Morissons dystopian future X-Men arc "Here Comes Tomorrow".
Oh and the cover for the tpb for said arc has Wolvie pulling a Ms.Marvel pose. Just FYI.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Nope, different guy with a Sentinel. That guy's named "Tom Skylark".

Mikael said...

Oh wow, I guess Sentinels just make great companions then.