February 21, 2011

ABC Podcast Episode #127, plus waffles

This "top 9!" episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by our good friend and special guest David Wolkin, and his delicious seasonal recipes. Big wins this week for blue covers, Johnny Red, a pinkish surfer, red and green hulks, a grey ghost and a yellow-bellied superman analogue. Booster Gold however...well, it did technically "win" something. Plus we stand up for the motor city, chat about Chat, try to process S.H.I.E.L.D. and remember briefly that Force Works existed, although we will all have forgotten again by next week.

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(Pictures and stuff to come later, as has been usual the last few episodes.)

Update: iTunes seems to have changed their show URLs, so I just fixed the link above to leave reviews. Also, our Feedburner feed does not seem to be updating, so for now download the show from here. Grr. --E

Updated Update: Libsyn has fixed whatever had been broken, and now everything's working as it should! EVERYTHING EXCEPT MEN STILL CAN'T STOP TO ASK FOR DIRECTIONS WHAT IS UP WITH THAT AM I RIGHT LADIES?!?! -- a

Cover(s) of the Week:

David's Pick, from Brightest Day #20, cover by David Finch

Aaron's pick, from Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #5, cover by Kaare Andrews

No panels because today wasn't bring my comics to work day. But here's waffles.


Paul F said...

That iTunes review link isn't working for me.

Evie said...

I think they changed their URLs--try the one I just changed it to.

Anonymous said...

Glad you did the intro together, entirely non-Evie weeks bum me out, even though you get great guests in. If you're still going all-female on the away weeks, you should get Laura Hudson in to sub for an episode.

Unknown said...

I've started listening to your show. Really enjoy it. I'm pretty new to comics and you're helping me figure it out.

A Silver Mt. Paektu said...

Speaking of iTunes, this week's episode still hasn't shown up in the ABCP iTunes feed. I had to download the raw .mp3 and listen to it freerange like some sort of animal. Is this a Libsyn issue?

And two things for Aaron:

1.) Don't apologize for what you said about women having better taste in comics than men. I part-time at a small LCS and my weeks doing the pull have been enlightening. Every single woman who has a pull list at my shop is reading Sweet Tooth. Not all of them are reading great comics exclusively (one of our four Tarot subscribers is a woman), but every last one has the good sense to pull Sweet Tooth. That has to be indicative of something.

2.) Go back and give Jennifer Blood #1 another read. You missed some stuff. It's made clear that she's hiding her double life from her husband and the relationship she has with her targets is hinted at. The main mobster she kills recognizes her before dying and she refers to her "uncles" and how she has to eliminate them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone unable to download #127 on itunes?

aaron said...

Nope. Nor any other podcatchers. We're working on it, but Libsyn isn't responding to any support emails.

Kyle said...

Great show. On an entirely unrelated note, Aaron really needs to watch this clip of Arthur's ending from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It features a cameo by his favorite character:


Ethan Hoddes said...

My favourite in the "same thing happening twice to the same character" category is that Professor X has had his legs crushed twice over a decade apart in two entirely unrelated incidents. He's got to be thinking "how come walls never fall on me when I'm already parapalegic?"

Unknown said...

Peter Parker is in his mid to late twenties-
According to Bendis (on his board), Peter is either 27 or 28.

Anonymous said...

Spider-Man Unlimited was set on Counter earth.

Unknown said...

I'd love it if you two could talk about Avengers Academy - everybody likes the book, but nobody ever talks about it! Its my weirdest subscription: I dislike every single character, but I can't wait for the next issue. So strange to have a teen Avengers book written by Someone who seems to loathe adults AND teenagers!

Martin Gray said...

Excellent show, proving that you don't have to have a woman as guest co-host anchorperson presenter - just someone interesting, with opinions. The fact that all your guests have great voices is a happy bit of luck (unless you make 'em audition!).

It's great to hear Johnny Red from Battle Picture Weekly get some love. David might like to know that Colquhoun is one of those names spelt one way, and pronounced another - 'ca-hoon'. (Other examples would be Cholmondeley (Chumley) and Featherstonehaugh (Fanshaw).

I swear I'm not making this up!

Talking of British comics, you should let me send you a Bunty book - it's haunted orphan ballerinas a go-go.

Patricio said...

If it weren't for Awesomed By Comics we would have been top 9 instead of top 10! Curse you!

;-) Congrats!

Phillip said...

Now I really want some waffles.