February 6, 2011

ABC Podcast Episode #125, plus visual aids

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by Evie's back! Seriously, her back donated a year's worth of hosting fees, and while we're not quite sure where it got the money, we're thankful for the gesture. We recorded this show instead of watching the Super Bowl, because we don't really care about either team, and would rather it have been a matchup of the two generic teams on the Best Buy circulars telling you to get a new tv for the copyright-free "Big Game" (we've got $100 on the team with the all blue helmets, vs the team with the all red helmets.) Meanwhile in comics land, wins for Incorruptible, Spider-Girl, Secret Six, Jimmy Olsen, a cleavage-less issue of Gotham City Sirens, and a much-needed breather issue of Sweet Tooth. Plus a rare OGN win by Sarah Oleksyk's Ivy leads Aaron to reminisce about working at a copy shop in the mid 90's.

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Cover(z) of the Week:

Evie's Pick, from I Zombie #10, Cover by Mike Allred

Bonus inspiration photograph, as pointed out by friend of the show Kelly Thompson here:

Aaron's Pick, from Incorruptible #14, cover by Garry Brown

Panel(zzz) of the week:

Evie's pick, from Booster Gold #40, by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Pat Olliffe and Rich Perrotta

Aaron's pick, from Gotham City Sirens #19 by Peter Calloway and Andres Guinaldo

Bonus Bobby adorableness, from Sweet Tooth #18 by Jeff Lemire


Ethan Hoddes said...

I actually generally disagree with your statements that Gail Simone's Bane has nothing in common with Bane as originally portrayed (he has nothing in common with Bane in the animated series or the Schumacher movie) but certainly the 'respects women' element is totally new. The lead-up to Knightfall included him killing hookers three at a time and trying to frame Batman for it. Oh the 90s, when 'too much' lost all meaning.

Brian said...

I know about Booster Gold! So he comes from the 25th century because he works at the Space Museum, which was a thing established in Strange Adventures in 1959 and used as a framing sequence for science fiction stories. So in his 1980s series, Michael Jon Carter works at the same museum that we saw in these silver age stories, but he uses a bunch of Legion stuff like the ring, the belt, and the time bubble to go back to the present day DC universe. They waited a few issues into the original series to explain that... Brainiac 5 and some other Legionnaires travel back in time to figure out why their gear is active in the past, but end up teaming with Booster to protect President Reagan from assassins, possibly Durlan assassins. The belt and ring are given to Reagan to keep him safe, and at the end of the issue the Legion compares the equipment and finds that they're the same items, just aged 500 years.

So Booster has a flight ring and belt because they passed from Brainiac 5 to the U.S. Presidency to the Space museum. Maybe Reagan kept the stuff instead of bequeathing it to future presidents, which meant that President Luthor never got to claim Legion membership.

Evie said...


Eric Lyden said...

Fuck! I forgot to pick up BOOSTER GOLD. I also forgot to get SUPERBOY, but that's more of an "Aw shit." than a full fledged "Fuck!"

Myles said...

So Ronald Reagan had a flight ring? That explains a lot.

Does Barack Obama have the flight ring now?

Neiliocentric said...

HAH! I just finished devouring both seasons of Misfits (only about 7 episodes per season, but they're 45 minutes long). It's a really funny, really well done show that doesn't get all up-its-own-bum like Heroes (Well... for the most part...). Great characters, great development, highly recommended!

Jesse Ewiak said...

The thing about AA is that everyone is supposed to treat everybody like they're just a dude, nobody special.

For example, a friend of a friend has a story about Eric Clapton showing up at a AA meeting and just being treated like a regular dude, not mobbed like well, Eric Clapton.

So, Fraction treating AA as a place where people wouldn't be like, "wow, it's f'in Tony Stark" is in line with reality.

mannycartoon said...

Evie thank you for mentioning Green Wing! I've gone threw and watched the show in it's entirety twice! It's really fun and funny!

I hate that I have to describe it as the British Scrubs. It's so much better than that.

If your looking for something else to watch try Book Group. All the show are available on HuLu for free as well.

Caroline said...

Great show. Aaron is going to convince me to read classic 'New Warriors'. . . Also, I was just trying to explain that 'Go Ask Alice' was a scam to people who didn't believe me. I feel totally validated.

Anonymous said...

Someone is a little too preoccupied with sexuality in comics.

Sometimes it's like a woman's studies major from Wesleyan is commenting on the books.

Unknown said...

Conor seems to be the much bigger fan of teenage girl stories.

Unknown said...

Conor seems to be the bigger fan of teenage girl angst stories.

Unknown said...

- Oh and I have to say I am curious too on exactly why women have better taste in comics?

Martin Gray said...

I'm with manny, the Book Group is well worth a watch ... funny, smart and touching.

Patricio said...

Ethan hit the nail on the head. The point of the comic book Bane is the disconnect between his appearance (luchador mask and all) and his strategic "genius."

His assault on Gotham throughout his introduction was not a bruiser's clumsy pursuit of filthy luchre; it was a targeted assault on the soul of the city, all with the intent of taking down the one man he perceived as a real rival.

I have no idea where the dumb, bruiser Bane comes from. Maybe the animated series?

As Ethan pointed out, though, the perverse chivalry is all Gail.

Nick Brokenshire said...

Kind of late, but, WOOHOO! my misfits thing got mentioned. Managed to see it yet? DO IT!