December 4, 2009


You know how you see those ladies at the mall, or the grocery store or wherever, and they're in their late 30's, early 40's, and they still do the poof thing with their bangs, and you think to yourself "good lord, do these women own a television? Don't they know that nobody does that anymore?" And you know that it's because they learned to do their hair in the late 80s/early 90s, and it looked good when they were in high school, and that's probably mentally still where they are and/or would like to be. That was when their sense of personal style was formed, and they've never been able to shake it.

Where am I going with this?

I "learned" graphic design in the late 9os/early 00s. Photoshop 5/6. Layer Styles. 'Embossing' is to my graphic design skill set - what 'boiling' is to Irish cuisine. Multiple fonts per logo. (You guys are lucky you're not getting Comic Sans up there.)

So whoever issued that scathing criticism in the post down there is totally right. I do like the A made up of an exclamation point - but screw the "BC." Let's flatten it, add some comic-booky stuff, and there you go.

Is this any better?


Evie said...

Ok, so--I think that the fact that our initials are "ABC" should actually still be exploited, as they are, like, an iconic triumvirate. Also, the atom thing doesn't really go with our whole whatever. That said, I like the simpler navy, and the flatness. I might say ditch the electron, add back the B and the C in navy, and keep the word balloon in the C, but make the B-holes (heh) normal and don't overlap things but make them touch to keep it compact. Anyone else?

Evie said...

Oh also, have it say Awesomed By Comics somewhere underneath? Yeah it doesn't say it anywhere now.

aaron said...

See, I'm not sold on "ABC." I kind of like the simpleness of just the A. It's the "awesomed" part that's important. And yes, it should say our name somewhere but I forgot to e-mail that one to myself.

Evie said...


Unknown said...

It's because I am an Alan Alda fan.

Nick Jones said...

The current logo is fine, as long as you have decided to change the name of the blog to Atomized By Comics, which I suspect is not the case.

I agree with Evie that the ABC acronym is a good thing to play up. Why not do a logo where "ABC" goes vertically and Awesomed By Comics spreads out from it horizontally?


You could easily fit an image in the space left next to the two lower words, like one of those little speech bubble shapes from the previous test logos.

Anonymous said...

Lol, re: boiling for Irish, 'cuisine'! ;D

And I agree with Evie and others who stand by the 'ABC' thing.

also, lol to Nick for the 'Atomized' commment. That's what I got from it.

Don't feel bad Aaron, art criticism is hard.

ghxdhdxt said...

I like the new Logo direction

Anonymous said...

Definitely vote to keep the "B" and the "C"...

Baltimoron said...

I didn't hate the short-lived interim logo. Of course, I'm about the same age you are so maybe your hairstyling analogy applies to me as well.

The logo as of 1943 EST 6 December 2009 is good. I'm not in love with how the exclamation point A looks with the other letters, but it's passable and this isn't my website.

My one critique would be that it's out of place given the rest of the page. It's like an island of design in the middle of a sea of blandness. You might want to think about some sort of non-distracting background that goes with the logo.

As an aside, I've been listening to a number of other comics podcasts this week. You folks, War Rocket Ajax, and Word Balloon are still at the top of the heap for me. Pat yourselves on the back--the bevy of shows I checked out includes a few sponsored by "professional" comics journalism outlets.