December 6, 2009

ABC Podcast Episode #71 and visual aids

This episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by a horse's advice on playing bridge, and our brand new Kirby-cracklefied logo. Word. Magnificent mathiness this week in Echo, musical mirth in Deadpool Team-Up and marvelous magic in Strange and Black Widow & The Marvel Girls. New star fave Kieron Gillen takes over Thor, and Fantastic Mr. Fox gets tremendous mileage out of a fist pump.

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Cover(s) of the Week

Evie's pick, from Dark Avengers Annual #1, cover by Chris Bachalo:

Aaron's pick, from Barack the Barbarian #3, cover by Joel Humberto Herrera:

Panel(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Strange #2 by Mark Waid and Emma Rios:

Evie's pick, from Deadpool Team-Up #898 by Mike Benson and Carlo Barberi:


Dylan said...

Rock critics? Those guys aren't in a position to make fun of anybody.

Evie said...

That's my day job :). But you're right.

Anonymous said...

haha, great show you two! :)

and I really like the new logo (color and all), but could do without the old fashioned, Kirby 'crackle' as nice an homage as it may be. :)

Patricio said...

Love the logo, love the crackle.

My book of the week is probably Blackest Night: Wonder Woman. I love Nicola Scott and Greg Rucka on WW, so it's nice to get a taste while still keeping Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti on the main book. I know nothing much happened in the book, but it felt like a great intro to the story, if nothing else. The characterization and art were spot-on.

I agree that Blackest Night is a wee bit on the repetitive side, but I think the concept is interesting. Individual writers have taken the opportunity to deal with major character moments that merit narrative attention (I'm glad SOMEONE remembered that Donna Troy was once married and had a baby). The Wonder Woman/Maxwell Lord thing was worth revisiting, particularly given how split the readers have been on the issue. It picks up on old (random) golden age staples (the oath) and tries to spin a story out of what should be a pretty basic question: what the hell is a blackest night that it merits mention in the oath?

One question: you guys like the fault /alternate universe storyline in Avengers? I picked up the one-shot you talked about and I thought it read like a bad version of every Earth-3 storyline crossed with Lovecraft.

I really want to pick up Barack the Barbarian, but Rahm Emanuel and all his DLC friends make me see red. Satire doesn't have to be laugh-out-loud funny, but it should still be funny, not scary...

Unknown said...

panel of the week: jonah hex #50: jonah aimed a cannon at a guy in an outhouse... classic wiley coyote moment

Ethan Hoddes said...

The original Sentry miniseries (where he wasn't intended to be an ongoing concept) is actually extremely good (except that the four crossover one-shots inserted between the last two issues in the tpb are very repetitive, my advice would be to just read the FF one, and then the Hulk one). Re: the Void-the original Sentry story was a metaphor for addiction, he thought the Void was a supervillain, but it was actually him, a byproduct of him using his powers. So basically, the Void is a big evil force in the Sentry's head that grows the more he uses his powers. Since he's been brought back there's been a bunch of retconny stuff, first about the whole thing being a plot by one of the Sentry's old villains and Mastermind, and second about the Void actually being the original personality and the Sentry being the artificial construct, but I haven't really kept track of that very much.

For the purposes of this story in the X-Men, yeah it's pretty much an evil ringworm.

Bill D. said...

I hate the Sentry, too. He's probably my least favorite comic book character ever. I hate him more than I hate Gambit, and wow do I hates me some Gambit. That being said, did you read Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin's Age of the Sentry mini-series? It's actually kind of awesome. I wish Marvel would give us more Silver Age Superman pastiche Sentry instead of the pathetic whiny specimen they keep trying to insist we like and really, really do not.

Anonymous said...

the Sentry can suck it! Go Evie! :)

Unknown said...

I avoided the Age of The Sentry series for the longest time, because I really don't like the Anything of The Sentry - but I did read a couple because of Parker and Tobin, and enjoyed them.

And can anyone second Ethan's recommendation of the original Sentry series? I'm curious now.

Unknown said...

i second Ethan's comments. I really liked that mini but yeah I hate the dude now; he should've never made it to the mainstream marvel universe.

Yining Su said...

Ain't nothing wrong with Pet Shop Boys!