January 1, 2009

Batwoman: Unofficially official

Three years after the mainstream media made a big nudge-nudge hullaballoo over ZOMG LESBIAN SUPERHEROINE!1!11!, the Batwoman solo series finally approaches for reals, helmed by the only person that anyone really wanted to see touch her*. Greg Rucka has posted the first page of the issue one script on his blog, and it's a giant tease but who cares. Of course I'm terribly afraid that it will be a five-issue mini-series or some such injustice, but for now I'll just be thrilled.

*besides Renee of course


Anonymous said...

Actually, Devin Grayson had firm plans for Batwoman and was eight months into writing the series, the artist had the first issue pencilled (I think), but DC pulled the plugs on that and haven't given her any work since.

Evie said...

Oh geez, really? Well, that's disappointing. When I said "only person anyone wanted to touch her," I meant among the regular cast of characters. But you know, and actual *woman* would have been nice.