December 2, 2008

A sad goodbye to Comic Foundry

As Tim Leong and Laura Hudson announced on Comic Foundry's website today, and in an email to contributors last night, the innovative magazine of comics culture is closing after the next issue.

This causes me great sorrow. When I first discovered Comic Foundry at Forbidden Planet early this year, my first thought was "I love this!" and my second thought was "I want to write for them!" because after all that's what I do, and I can't just admire something without sticking my fingers in it. After enjoying the first four issues as a reader, I am in fact contributing to the fifth and final issue, with a fun Valentine's-themed piece that Aaron and I wrote together (I know, awwww). The timing should be perfect, as the issue is scheduled to come out in early February, hopefully in time to be available at New York Comic Con. But still, I was really looking forward to seeing the magazine grow, as it really is one of a kind, and has a little something for everyone who has ever flipped through a funny book or two.

Anyway, I'm sort of hoping that there will be all kinds of outrage that will force Tim to reconsider, but his decision is understandable and that probably won't happen. However, if you haven't read it yet, go buy or order every copy you can find, so that you can be pissed off about its demise just in time.

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