December 21, 2008

ABC Podcast 2008 Year-End Special!!

Welcome to the Awesomed By Comics Year-End Spectacular Extravaganzamaskkahnzasm! In this very special two-part episode, Aaron and Evie give awards to the comics, characters creators and more that made 2008 in comics what it was, from the triumphs to the tripe. Lots of new categories, and some unexpected (and some very expected) winners. We even sing for you, for free. As a special bonus for those who believe hard enough, we'll throw in a dozen of Aaron's famous orange cranberry pecan Christmas cookies. Be sure to download both Parts A and B. Have an awesomed holiday!

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Nominees for 2008's Funniest Moment in Comics (because they lose a little something in the audio version):

(These next two panels don't sufficiently represent the nomination, which was the execution of Kang's attempted world domination via potato chip enterprise)


Dr. Hunter S. Johnson said...
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Dr. Hunter S. Johnson said...

I know you had tons of great things in your podcast. The funniest thing, however, was mentioning your wedding and having a recpetion at a diner in Boston. I think Aaron needs to trun in his Rhode Island card for not going to Haven Bro.s :)

Anonymous said...

Haven Brothers is not exactly vegetarian friendly.

Nor are there seats.

Anonymous said...


...and don't click on my name in the above post if you're at work, because it goes to the website "poop-dot-org" which is, apparently and unbeknownst to me, porn.

Our website just takes too damn long to type, but I'll have to scratch this one off the list of fake websites to use.

Dr. Hunter S. Johnson said...

I don't know about that Aaron...

I wouldn't exactly call what the serve there as meat :)

I loved this show by the way and bought all the Ubu Bubbu comics. If only for that one panel!

Aaron, I think I have heard your voice before, were you a DJ on WBRU a few years back?

Hopefully no typo's in this post :)

Melony C. said...

Both my husband and I know you guys steer away from the more indie titles, but we both love them far superiorly to any superhero titles out there right now.

So with that in mind we wanted to recommend that one or both of you reads Walking Dead, the Wet Moon series, and The Abandoned. Some great books and yeah they probably aren't in your usual vein of reading but they are great books with some fantastic art. Please give them a try.

Evie said...

We don't steer away from them, we're just only familiar with a limited number so we love recommendations (and we actually gave some indie love in the year-end awards). So thank you! And actually, I have the first trade of Walking Dead, which I bought at a Kirkman signing here, just haven't started it yet. It's on the pile!

Devid said...

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