June 13, 2008

Special announcement!

If all goes well, Monday(ish) will unleash the first episode of the highly anticipated Awesomed By Comics Podcast! Highly anticipated that is by my husband Aaron and me, who have talked half-assedly about starting it up for some months. Also, I told a friend about it and he thought it was cool. Anyway, we now have sound effects and a theme song recorded and everything, and we just have to say some stuff. We were going to do the whole thing Saturday, but realized we should do a segment after we see the Hulk movie on Sunday afternoon, hence the (ish) on the Monday objective. I still gotta finalize the hosting and syndication and crap, so I don't want to pretend that will take five minutes.

Aaron is actually a Professional Radio Personality, and I am a highly skilled loud person, so it should be entertaining, at the very least in the car-wreck sense. Please check back, and feel free to bring your own hazard flares.


Anonymous said...

It will not be a car wreck. It will be funny.

Kristina said...

I am entirely supportive of podcast shenanigans. Now it's highly anticipated by three people at least.

And then I'll pimp you out on my blog and then you'll have to do a second one. Ha!

This is totally awesome though, and again your husband wins Geek Husband Awards. I'll ponder what sort of statue that would be and get back to you.

Kristina said...

La la la four people. I swear to Holy Metal Batman! your blog makes me stupid.

Evie said...

Yay! Pimp away. And my blog is supposed to make you stupid, that's its purpose.