June 12, 2008

As long as Big Papi stays put

So under mysterious circumstances, Robin and Batman and the Outsiders writer Chuck Dixon is "no longer working for DC in any capacity," and people are wigging out. The reactions all fall into one of these categories:

1) Aw, that's too bad, I like his work on those books.
2) DC has their heads up their butts like always and don't know something great when they have it and they probably wanted to stifle his creativity and he probably walked out on them, totally.
3) Dropping those books from my pull list, obvs, too bad you don't get my money on those anymore DC, sucks to be you.
4) Good riddance, homophobe.

All of these things all mean the same thing, though, and that's "Ooo! Corporate drama that will truthfully only affect my life microscopically! I'm gonna get in it!"

Here's my take: I've been liking those books quite a bit. I also think that maybe there are other people who could do as well, and we'll just have to see, and if the titles go down hill then that will be disappointing. I have a knee-jerk unavoidable personal bias against anyone who has publicly declared his social conservatism, and a well-reasoned bias against someone who believes those views enable him to write "objectively" about characters with "liberal rage," but I still enjoy Dixon's work and don't wish a career downturn on anyone. Also, comics writers are like baseball players. If you lost sleep when Damon went to the Yankees, you need a little perspective. Ok, that was a bad example, because I just started to involuntarily seethe. But you get my point. Best of luck to all.

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