June 22, 2008

ABC Podcast, Episode #2

Hey look, the novelty hasn't worn off yet! Episode #2 of the ABC Podcast is spit-shined and uploaded--add to iTunes here or download/subscribe via some other mechanism here. We think this one might be better than the last one, but we may be biased by the fact that Yakoff Smirnoff's name was invoked at one point.

And I promise I'll do some actual writing soon. I just don't want to hurt my head too much.


Kristina said...

Yay! I'm pleased, now I'll have morning goodness during the Commute Of Doom.

Thank you for the e-card by the way--it's especially terrific because that's one of my favorite e-card sites. Funny coincidences. And a review is up on the iTunes site--which probably took longer than strictly necessary, but I'm pretty sure mojitos or the temptation therein ate my brain this week.

Evie said...

Yay, thanks! iTunes doesn't seem to have updated with the review yet, but they also haven't updated the new logo I supposedly added, so I'll just be patient with their appley ways.