October 13, 2016


Oh hiiiiiiiiiiii. Sorry, we've been locked out of the house for the past two years, nine months and 12 days, it was incredibly inconvenient, the cats are pissed. The point is, since the last episode of Awesomed By Comics, we've had another kid, moved, had a combined four jobs and blah blah blah you don't care. The point is, we got away this weekend and bought some comics and recorded an episode to talk about those comics, some of which are new this (last) week, some of which are not, all of which confused us because what is even going on in comics. We don't know when this will happen again, so join us as we struggle through. MISSED U BBs.

Here are May and Elaine, who don't care.

Download the episode now!


Anonymous said...

You both still got it. The Flintstones comic is fun.

Rakhtal said...


(haven't listened to new episode yet, I was just happy when I noticed it downloaded)

ewokalypse said...

Welcome back!

Kevin said...

Viv first appeared in the current VISION solo series, which introduces Vision's synthezoid family. It is *easily* the best Marvel comic of the year except perhaps for SQUIRREL GIRL and you should absolutely pick it up when it comes out in a collected edition early next year.

Welcome back!

Stephen Spine said...

We missed you so much you beautiful people - thank youxxxxx

Kevin said...

Also, your confusion regarding WONDER WOMAN #1 was completely understandable given that you stumbled against one of the butt-dumbest things DC has done in years.

When they began their most recent line-wide soft relaunch, REBIRTH, many (not all) of the rebranded titles began with a [FOO] REBIRTH #1 introductory issue before the actual #1. So there was BATMAN: REBIRTH #1 followed 2 weeks later by BATMAN #1, WONDER WOMAN REBIRTH #1 followed 2 weeks later by WONDER WOMAN #1, and so forth. To maximize the confusion, the "real" #1 issues have big "REBIRTH" logos on them, so you really end up with WONDER WOMAN: REBIRTH #1 and WONDER WOMAN (REBIRTH) #1, the latter of which is a much weaker jumping-in point.

Explaining things like this make me just want to walk sadly away. But I love the content! So I stay and hope to help other people understand.

discord8 said...

So glad to see this announcement and download the podcast! I've realized that I have a need to listen to a married couple discuss comics and banter. It has been filled over the past couple of years by Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men (and somewhat by Journey Into Misery), but Awesomed by Comics was my first love.

I'm only partway through so far, but I'm already highly amused that you both can't stop talking about your kids when you finally get away from them - something very familiar to my wife and me. And yes, it's much more "challenging" with two. Now imagine three, and you'll understand my life (my youngest is finally school-age).

Come back again soon!

ferris said...

Was great to hear you guys again! Real blast from the past feels. Oh and there are still some fun comics around, just need to know where to look. Hope you and the family have an awesomed week/month/year/however long until the next episode.

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed u2 on this comic podcast thingy. If I had millions, I'd share just so u could make this a full time job.

Unknown said...

Awesome. I check back on the site every now and then, guess I haven't for a few months. Great to have a new episode.

jason. said...

Hey, you guys still do this sometimes!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't let it be a ghost time collecting comments like that last one--

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