January 1, 2014


Happy New Year! In this episode of Awesomed By Comics, we talk about some books we missed, wonder what happened to events, and look back on--what? Why are you looking at us like that? Why is that vein popping out of your forehead, are you having a--wait why are you screaming STOP SCREAMING! WE'RE SORRY, WE'RE SORRY OKAY?!? WE'VE BEEN BUSY! WE STILL LOVE YOU! WE'LL CHANGE, WE PROMISE WE'LL CHANGE!!

So yeah, after nine months of three job changes each, two coasts, lots of stress eating and zero podcasts, we bring you a brand-spanking-new episode of Awesomed By Comics to kick off 2014. It's not a Year In Review show because we had very little year to review, and it's not a Week In Review show because we talk about comics over several weeks, but it is a real show and we did put in effort so we hope you'll give us another chance. Our New Years Resolution is to do this at least once a month, so we're counting on you to HOLD OUR ASSES ACCOUNTABLE.

Special thank you to guest star Devon Maloney, and to each and every one of you who bothers to listen.

LET'S GO 2014! USA! USA!


And if you're still angry, take it out on this, she deserves it.


ewokalypse said...

Welcome back, guys!

ewokalypse said...
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Unknown said...

Yay! Looking forward to hearing your friendly voices again. Now the New year is really looking up!

Unknown said...

I'm soo happy right now!

KP said...

Happy New Year!!!
Welcome back, guys :)

You two have been sorely missed.

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to hear you guys again, it's been a much sadder year without you. Here's to 2014.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. There were comic events this year: Battle of the Atom, Infinity, that Justice League trinity thing, Forever Evil, but it doesn't seem like most of them generated/are generating much excitement. The only one where it seemed like people liked it even a little was Battle of the Atom, but even that kind of fizzled by the end.

hamgmt said...

I cant really say WHY, but for some reason the thing that made me happiest in the entire episode was the fact that you still use the dc 52 music as background in the "crap of the week". HA! Welcome back guys :)

ferris said...

Great to hear you guys again!

I didn't expect to like Superior Spidey at all based on the concept/Otto, BUT, in all those issues that you guys missed, I really feel like Slott introduced a lot of subtlety/layers to the character. His dickier moments are more justified to me by a lot of that setup. If you're at all interested in the story, this is maybe one I'd recommend catching up on rather than jumping in blind.

(Oh and he doesn't have any Peter memories that he hadn't already accessed before the point that Ghost Pete left the building.)

Shawn J. said...

I am just now seeing this!! I am going to listen to a new episode tonight!!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Welcome back, guys! Very glad to hear your voices again!

alberto de jesus said...

Welcome back! It's great to hear you all are doing great. Thanks for a fun show.

Unknown said...

Welcome back! I wasn't giddy, I assure you, as I began my asinine commute from North Providence to Newport. But remembering this morning that I had a brand spankin' new ABC to listen through definitely left me feeling a bit on the cheery side, despite my withering jealousy that you moved to the sunny side of the States (officially taking with you all of the East coast fun from my podcast queue). The opening was hilarious and your return to form was very welcome, especially after your long hiatus and the baby-centric episodes just before it -not that I'm knockin' the baby. Babies do as babies does.

In answer to your question, there were a few Events with a capital E during your leave of absence, but none that changed the landscape or my pull list, aside from Battle of the Atom, which left the original five teenage X-Men stranded in the present and mentored by Kitty Pryde. If you're looking to reconnoiter the "teen team book" landscape, All-New X-Men isn't a bad place to begin and I think it's as fun as a Marvel book should be.

That said, the recent cover preview of teenage Cyclops locking lips with Laura, the Wolver-she-ne clone, was a bit on the creepy side of the street.

Regarding awesomedbycomics.com, since I was so tickled by your noise in my ears on this lusty Monday morn, I thought I would re-register and redirect it for you out of the goodness of my heart. It turns out that it's parking-lotted and you can make opening bids from $69, so...it turns out my heart is only as good as far as twenty bucks could take me. Sorry. I'm not sure who owns it now. Maybe you do?

Anonymous said...

Evie & Aaron,

Glad my eyes focused on the sidebar of Comics Podcast Network today and spied your link which made me think "I wonder if they have been doing shows, I haven't checked in months." Welcome back. Cute picture of the little one too. Two years old, wow, I remember when Evie was podcasting pregnant. I hope you are able to do a show a month because you bring a different flavor to the comics podcast community that I think it needs, but I'm happy to hear it whenever you get around to it. I've subscribed on iTunes, so now I don't have to check back to the website for an update.

Take care, and thanks for the show.


ShonAM said...

Quit playin' games with my heaaart. With my heaaart. Yayee yeah, yeah, yah.

Anonymous said...

Love the show, glad you're back, and as a new dad, I can sympathize with how a child can make it difficult to do volunteer work!

A big pet peeve of mine is people who don't read Superior ragging on Superior. You missed more than plot details when you missed those issues. You know the premise going in, so criticize the issues on a different basis if you don't like them.

Anonymous said...

Groovy episode! Rock on cool awesomed folks

(As for teen heroes, Savage Dragon now stars the teenage Malcolm Dragon in HighSchool, SD 193 etc)

[Also recommend more indie books in general with Marvel and DC seeming less inviting to yas]

Anonymous said...

Come back <3

video de goku said...

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Shawn J. said...

I miss this podcast.

I really, really, do.

Bryce Christiansen said...

Can't wait for new podcasts to start again.

Unknown said...

Man, this podcast was the best! It would be super cool if you guys would revisit it and put out new episodes. If that doesn't end up happening I just want to say thank you for putting out an awesome podcast and making me laugh during a very rough time in my life.

Evie said...

Aw thank you so much Justin, and I'm so sorry we've let you down--we talk about doing new ones (we even recorded one once and then because of weird work conflict of interest stuff i wont' get into we couldn't release it), but we never give up hope that we'll figure it out.

James L said...

Looks like some domain squatters stole your domain! Good thing I remembered you were a blogspot site. Every few months I wonder if you guys have somehow restarted the podcast, and every few months I am sad :( But as a parent of young kids I certainly understand. I'll keep checking. I hope to be pleasantly surprised sometime around 2027 :)

Evie said...

Aw man, but that's cool, probably not a good use of our money to keep that one up :) (we still pay for the podcast hosting every month!). We also keep hoping we will get it together, there is just so little time to read and blah blah blah. But still very much love getting notes like this, it keeps hope alive. xoxoxo

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