October 12, 2012

Not-NYCC Meet Up MOVED TO SUNDAY 10/14!!

Hey friends and lovers! Are you planning to go to NYCC, or otherwise be in the Manhattanish area on Saturday? TOO BAD!

What about Sunday Morning?! That's better!!! Do you want to say hello to us and May, and maybe be part of our next episode (which yes, there will be, shut up)?

Great! Then come to Bryant Park at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue between 11AM and 1PM on SUNDAY, October 14th, where we will be hanging out and taping a show. Check Evie's Twitter feed for the exact location in the park, but we shouldn't be hard to find.

Why aren't we having our meet up at NYCC, you ask? Well apparently to be approved for a press pass you have to not have had a baby and/or have a weekly podcast that has degenerated to semi-monthly. And since they didn't reject us until after tickets were sold out, ta da! Also a park is a way more attractive and chill place to hang out than on the floor in front of the IGN Theater at Javits.

Show up, or risk being mildly judged.

1 comment:

Alberto de jesus said...

I'll be there. probably run late. Still new to New York and I am prone to getting lost.