May 25, 2012

163? Sure, why not!!

Oh well this here is last week's show.

And this here is a baby.



Ethan Hoddes said...

Just because I love that comics give you the opportunity to stay stuff like this. Hepzibah is an alien cat-lady who was formerly the girlfriend of Cyclops's absentee space-pirate father (is he still dead?)

Ziah Grace said...

Oh man, if only we could see how many times Mark Waid has won something on the show! Oh yeah, we can.

(Thanks for still doing these guys. Still great)

bird said...

thanks for another show! i know it's hard with a kid.

Alberto De Jesus said...

Thanks for giving us a show!

Anonymous said...

Wait- so in the new issue of Saga
They basically compromise the soul of their baby?

What is is with Evie- Reed is faithful loving husband who would do anything for his family and horny Namor is a home wrecker with no respect for marriage or morality and Evie hates Reed and Luvvvs Horny Namor.
Messed up.

Evie said...

What's with Evie is that these are comic books and not real life and I like fun characters in comic books and don't like boring ones. Also Reed is actually mostly a total neglecting dick to his family, if you add it all up.

Anonymous said...

HA - just characters but - Reed is a total neglecting dick?
50 Shades of Namor.

Bryant said...

Great show - but I think you described Hawkeye as lame when you meant awesome.

I think they should do a SHEILD movie with Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Black Widow (and while they are at it introduce Moon Knight or Shang Chi). I don't think any of those characters (except maybe Black Widow) could sustain their own movie, but doing it together as a spy movie / heist / dirty dozen kind of thing could be a lot of fun.

Guyalice said...

Great show guyzes! May's such a cutie!

Isabel from Saga reminded me more of Molly than Nico. With the hat and the hair and the crossed arms, when I saw the cover art for #3 without any logo or title and thought it was a pic of Molly. Then I scrolled down a little more and saw the intestines.

I also dropped Batwoman. I had no idea what the hell was going on and Amy Reeder's art was the only thing that kept me buying it. Also, why has Chase become such an asshole while she's being written by her creators?

Anonymous said...

here's hoping that editing is happening right now for tomorrow's show.

Evie said...

Sorry to bum you out, but a) we usually record on Sunday so editing wouldn't be happening until at least tonight, b) we mentioned on the last show that Aaron was going out of town two weekends this month, and this is one of them. We will make an extra effort next week though, so don't give up on us.

Anonymous said...

I am giving this one more week.
Then I am out.

I think that is fair at this point.
If you had said - we are taking a break- it will be this long. Fine.

But the - there will be a show- maybe a show- probably a show- expectations. That is the trying part.

It is free content- but there is a sort of contract between fans of a regularly scheduled thing and the producers of it.
We get this for free - yes. But also no- because with pay with attention and with praise which is something I assume you enjoy or you wouldn't have done so many shows- at-least in part.

So good luck to you in everything else- sincerely.

But if you're not into doing this- anymore or at least for the time being- just say so.

Evie said...

Listen, we can't tell anyone not to get disappointed that we're not able to do this every week--we are also disappointed, but we still love doing it, so we will do it whenever possible. Aaron was out of town two of the last three weeks, and I actually got laid off from my job last week, so I spent my comics-reading time last week doing things like figuring out wtf to do about that. We're not trying to let you all down easy that we're quitting, we're not quitting, we just have had some life circumstances that make this harder to do on a constant schedule. We're very, very sorry, for you and for us. I'm not really sure what you mean by you're "out," though--you mean you will be so mad that you won't listen when there's a new show? Because honestly that's the entire requirement of being a listener of this show, and you seem to want to be one. It's really, truly honestly up to you. You could also just forget about us in your daily life, and then when there's a new show be like oh hey, cool. But it's your choice.

Ziah Grace said...

Hey, just a reminder, most of your fans totally 100% understand that you guys have life circumstances that are more important than the show. We're looking forward to new ones, but we understand that other things take precedence. So, don't feel stressed out just because that one person is "out". Your fans are still around.