June 12, 2011


Once again circumstances have conspired to prevent us from doing the show tonight, and they will again tomorrow, BUT there will be a new show on Tuesday about last week's books and X-Men movie and Spider Man musical and the DC news and whales. I AARONTEE it.



JoeDComp said...

that a shame. Oh well. Till next week. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on X-men: First Class.

e said...

Ha! Aarontee it. You should use that more.

ericmci said...

I believed everything you said about wales right until Evie caught you on pilot wales- then all credibility was lost.

Everyone is wondering why Aunt May has a gun?

Think about it- no doubt Uncle Ben had a gun like all good americans of his generation to protect his family in lock box for years.

Also - Evie sings pretty.