May 15, 2011


We just watched the series finale of Smallville on our DVR, and I think we're a bit too pooped from two hours of NON STOP ACTION to record tonight.

New show Monday night.


Anonymous said...

I was glad to see that Smallville kept the same edge of your seat excitement it had maintained the last few seasons. The wedding vows were pulse pounding.

Anonymous said...

Yellow gold is tacky anyway-
good thing they passed on those rings.

BobbyC said...

I think if we're ever going to see a live-action Darkseid done right, we'll have to wait for a Fourth World TV series. Probably done in a similar style to the HBO series Carnavale.

Orion, Lightray, Mr. Miracle and Big Barda travel America as Darksied minions follow them.

Ethan Hoddes said...

So what's up with the show? Still haven't recorded it or trouble putting it up?

Anonymous said...

Comic nerd comment: The reference in BOP #12 (Junior as Ragdoll's daughter) is correct. The Secret Six Ragdoll is a new Ragdoll created by Gail Simone, and is the son of the more famous (in the DCU, at least) Ragdoll. So it makes sense that people would refer to her as Ragdoll I's daughter instead of as Ragdoll II's sister.