January 17, 2011

ABC Podcast Episode #122, plus visual aids

This episode of Evie & Aaron and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend is brought to you by compromised immune systems and the inability to STOP THE RUN. We give much respect to two future-tech-idea-driven comics at different ends of their runs (The Infinite Vacation and Vision Machine) pay tribute to the always exceptional Secret Six, and Aaron has a bit of trouble with the proximity of the "O" and "P" keys on the keyboard. Speaking of which, Heroes for Hire keeps rolling, Daredevil and Superman start to get back on track (despite a shit beginning and some ridiculous proportions for Lois) and we bid a fond farewell to Thor: The Mighty Avenger without having ever learned the identity of the mysterious "Mister K."

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Cover(s) of the Week

Evie's Pick, from Infinite Vacation #1, cover by Christian Ward

Aaron's Pick, from Daredevil Reborn #1, Cover by Jock

Panel(s) of the Week:

Evie's pick, from Secret Six #29 by Gail Simone and Marcos Marz

Aaron's pick can't be shown because SPOILERS!!!! so instead here's a bonus anatomy lesson for Allan Goldman, penciller on Superman #707


Martin Gray said...

Just downloaded, will listen tomorrow but for now ... that anatomy lesson is sooo funny.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the head to waist ratio thing is basically an age-old problem starting with (I think) barbie dolls and all...

and I disagree with Evie on the sports fan thing. I mean, in some respect, they have some investment, being at the games and all. I mean the game would still go on, but I think it would affect the play and players a little if they had to play in empty stadiums and such.

also, sry, I still have to figure out how to donate to you with the paypal thing and all.. :(

KC said...

I was also sick all weekend so I could barely enjoy my fav team defeating the patriots~!! The Patriots are like the 616-BMBendis of the NFL

I'm going to listen to the show now and I have finally donated $6.12 = 6 dollars for Mark Sanchez and 12 cents for Tom Brady

Anonymous said...

You guys said Nick Spencer is taking over Supergirl. At one time that was true, but now he is not even on a full issue. James Peaty is taking over, apparently. (James Peaty wrote one issue of Supergirl before Gates/Igle took over)

aaron said...

The Pats are TOTALLY the 616 Bendis of the NFL. You can see how at one point they had the cool outsider underdog thing going for them, but they've just been clogging up the market for the past 8-9 years and taking playoff spots away from younger, more interesting teams.

However, my other favorite team now has a dog murderer for a QB, so I've had to revert to rooting for the home team of my youth.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Aaron, I think you might be thinking of San Francisco, not Las Vegas and Los Angeles, that's where Daredevil was based during much of the 'Daredevil & Black Widow' period.

Martin Gray said...

Oh, I so want Evie to read the rest of Superman #707 ... it's just awful!

Seth Joseph said...

Clarification for the listener email from this episode: the rumors of Vertigo's possible demise are purely speculation at this point. I ran into this speculation over at io9.com in an article titled "11 Reasons to be Scared of 2011" (http://io9.com/5723089/11-reasons-to-be-scared-of-2011).

Basically, the author is reading a lot into some changes going on over at Vertigo. First, all DC-original characters are returning to DC, which means (if I understand this correctly) that Vertigo will be only creator-owned comics. Second, they're restructuring royalties to where creators won't get any royalties on trade books unless the individual issue sales pass a certain threshold, which is pretty awful considering the number of people (like me) who only pick up the trades. The author of the article says this is part of "financial rationalization" at Vertigo, but it seems like a good way to keep new creators away from Vertigo, which is bad news for an imprint that is 100% creator-owned.

Am I being paranoid? I am, right? Tell me I'm being paranoid, please.