November 28, 2010

ABC Podcast, Episode #116, plus maybe some visual aids later?

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by Lastic Man, who probably should have either an E or a P in front of his name, but don't tell the lawyers. Big wins for Incorruptible, Ultimate Spider-Man, Thor: The Mighty Avenger and Taskmaster. Also winning big was the common cold, which soundly defeated Evie - and listener Jen, who soundly defeated Aaron. (post-credits, Aaron narrates his half of a couple of yugioh battles, which did not end well for him.) We bid a fond farewell to Leslie Nielsen, talk a lot about The Boys even though it didn't come out this week, and Aaron invents shoes.

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Other stuff to come possibly later, when I'm not as tired.


Anonymous said...

Good episode, but my favorite part was Evie's hyper-midwestern "keepin' it real."

Ian said...

You didn't talk about your cats nearly enough for my liking.

Tom Shapira said...

Re- the funniness of Bobobobbo(bobobobo).

There is a real problems with all those non-sequiter type joke-shows (see also - Excel Sage, Super Jail, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) that replace plot-related humor with general craziness. Sure, it's funny in the short term but as time goes by it tends to get grating (which is why Family Guy became almost unbearable as time went by, who even cares about those characters anymore?).
Someone (I think it was Douglas Adams but I can be wrong) said that good humor works on the discrepancy between what we think should happen (in the real world) to what actually happens (there on the screen) - but when anything can happen you can't get that feeling anymore

Unknown said...

Love Aaron's one-sided adventures in on-line gaming narration. Anything that gives me more A & E homelife (including the cats) delights me.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the iTunes feed not working correctly? The last episode I have in 115.

Evie said...

My iTunes feed is up to date (through #117)... maybe you need to update your version? I dunno what else to suggest... but you can always just download it direct from the feed site.