November 7, 2010

ABC Podcast, Episode #114.5 plus super secret clapping instructions

If you think ABCP only stands for Awesomed By Comics Podcast, you are barking up the wrong tootin' tree! On this week's show, ABCP stand for "Awesomed by Clapping and Pokemon." Aaron is away working on The Ampersands' next album, but is giving all of you the chance to appear on it, by participating in a slightly advanced 3rd grade music lesson. Ta (rest) Ta (rest) Ti Ti Ta (rest). After that, Aaron and Evie and then Aaron again match poke-wits against friend of the show and now FOUR-time guest, Chris Sims from War Rocket Ajax and Comics Alliance. Listen in, as Chris is given the greatest gift of all.


No, not friendship. An Omastar.

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If you chose to participate in our Awesomed By Clapping game, here's the instructions again:

You will need:

1 computer with recording software and a microphone. Most PCs have something called "Sound Recorder" or "Windows Sound Recorder" in the Accessories folder of the start menu, most Macs (or all?) come with Garage Band - and most laptops have built-in condenser mics, so if you've got a laptop, you're probably already there.

1 device other than that computer, on which you can listen to this episode in your headphones. Can be an mp3 player, or another computer.

STEP 1: Test out the sound recorder to make sure it works.
STEP 2: Once you know it works, start recording.
STEP 3: Press Play on your headphone device and listen to this episode.
STEP 4: Clap when I tell you to clap. It's basic 4/4 time, counting the 1/8th notes, you're on the 7 and 8 in the verse, and the 2, 4, 6 and 8 in the middle section. You might want to practice a couple of times.
STEP 5: When you're done, save your file.
STEP 6: email it to me at ampsrecord (at)
STEP 7: wait patiently until the next Ampersands album comes out, which (if all goes well) will have YOU on it!


Eric Lyden said...

You think you like Pokemon? This guy's got you beat in the Poke-fan department-

CasinoGrande said...

I have to applaud you guys for that episode. You took what was potentially one of the worst concepts (recording of a game that we have to see to know what's going on) and still made it ridiculously entertaining.

guyalice said...


aaron said...

The best kind?

Anonymous said...

I listened to the whole thing! it was great! even though I'm not a pokemon fan! but this should'a been a 'special' edition of ABC by it being a VIDEO podcast so we could've seen what was going on! :)

deworde said...

Oh WOW. We used to have "The Worst Witch" on VHS. That sound clip took me straight back to being 5 years old.

Oh, and in Britain it sort of works the other way around. Our "public" service is the BBC, which produces classics like "Doctor Who" and... y'know what, there's a song

It was one of the private networks that produced stuff like the Worst Witch, apparently in collaboration with 80's HBO.