September 26, 2010

ABC Podcast #110 plus visual aids

This episode of the Awesomed by Comics Podcast is brought to you by a special new game. Not to give anything away, but you're going to want to listen to this show at 4:07 PM, while re-gripping a badminton racquet. Matt Fraction continues Keiron Gillen's streak of strong Thor showings, Jonathan Hickman's FF continues to bring the intrigue, Judd Winick's Justice League: Generation Lost has some great character moments, Ultimate Spidey showcases Bendis's talent for natural dialogue, while Avengers does the exact opposite, and Moon Knight gets some baaaaaaad news. Also, Aaron is attacked by a kitten.

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Cover of the week:

Evie and Aaron's Pick, from Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3, cover by Kaare Andrews

Evie and Aaron's runner-up, from Justice League: Generation Lost #10, cover by Cliff Chiang

Panel of the week:

Evie and Aaron's Pick, from Thor #615 by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry

Bonus Jane Foster-off: 

From Thor #615 by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry

From X-Factor #209 by Peter David and Emanuela Lupacchino

Bonus Zedonk:


MartynEm said...


MartynEm said...

Doom got braindamaged in the punchtastic and surprisingly awesome World War Hulks. INFO!

Anonymous said...

The reason Bendis success in Ultimate Spiderman and not the Avengers is simple.

Bendis has no idea of he Avengers character's voice.

He takes his talent for dialogue but spreads it over too many characters.
It works great ina one on one conversation.
It fails when there are too many people in the room.

Unknown said...

for some reason i thought doom went through that whole brain machine thing at the end of Millar's run of FF

MartynEm said...

@ Albert O

You're thinking of the time Darth Vader sent him to the dawn of time and he was eaten by a shark but survived due to WILLPOWER.

Jim B. said...

What the hell is that Scott and Emma cover? Best of the week, really? Oy.

Bo is clearly a mic hog, and I believe he is using ABC as a stepping stone, possibly angling for a recurring role on iFanboy. I humbly offer my services as Bo's agent if he has not yet secured representation.

And a little-known fact: Despite being married and sharing custody of between three and thirteen cats, Evie and Aaron have never actually met. (All that household stuff you hear on the show is merely the result of Aaron's mad editing skillz.)
But they will meet for the first time... at New York Comic Con!!! Don't miss it!

Ethan Hoddes said...

You guys think you can fit the entire comics blogetariat in your studio? Then you could do the largest ever podcast, with the first 20 minutes consisting entirely of "I thought you were taller." "I always pictured you as a brunette..." "Holy fuck, Eugene's Asian?" et cetera.

Anonymous said...

that zedonk pic is AWESOME!!

the zebra's totally staring down that donkey like, 'yeah, I've had that', and the donkey is just hiding behind the bastard offspring with head down in shame! :D

Danny said...

Hmmm. wikipedia redirected me to here:

But because I'm such a loyal listener, I'll have to believe in the reality created by Awesomed instead.

Martin Gray said...

Love the Evie game and jingle, hate the Kaare Andrews X-Men cover. OK, the joke is vaguely smileworthy, but the artwork is soooo ugly to my eyes.

The Cliff Chiang JLI cover, though - wonderful.

Mark said...

Vampires? In an office setting? It's more likely than you think (and worth checking out if you have Netflix).