April 6, 2010


The Awesomed by Comics Pokemon Challenge is officially ON. Of course, the Discussion Question Challenge with Pokemon naming rights as prizes is also still officially ON but there's no rule against having two challenges that are officially ON at the same time, is there? And if there is, well CONSIDER IT BROKEN because both challenges are officially ON.

Now, before I get into the scritti politti of the Awesomed by Comics Pokemon Challenge (which, as you may or may not be aware, is officially ON) allow me to show you THIS amazing piece of awesome delivered to our comments box at 2:30 this morning.

This is from listener David Henion, the artist of the webcomic Daisychains which I wish I could say more about but I haven't had the chance to read it yet because I found out about it today and just got home from work. But you should also read it, that way we can all be reading it at the same time! Anyway, this is awesome for three reasons, which I will enumerate here.

1. Evie and Aaron are, in fact, the only two (relatively normal) names which are also names of Pokemon species. Spelled differently of course, the Pokemon are Eevee and Aron, as you can see up there. I suppose there might be someone out there named Doug Trijo or Margaret Nemite but let's stick with first names.

2. That's obviously Stan in the background. Which is not only awesome because somebody put Stan in a comic, but I love the idea that Pokemon would have a cat.


David actually came remarkably close to our mic setup as well, except Evie actually uses the good mic.

So David has clearly passed the Awesomed By Comics Pokemon Challenge. But you don't have to have artistic skills to participate! No, all you need is a Nintendo DS and a copy of Pokemon(s) Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Yellow Moons, Purple Horseshoes, Green Giant, Lumber Liquidators, etc. And of course you need this - the most coveted piece of information that exists possibly anywhere ever, MY FRIEND CODE. Which is 5242 4115 1448. (You can find yours in your "Pal Pad" in the key items pocket of your bag.)

So there you go. Now you've got my friend code. Put me in your Pal Pad, or send me your friend code so that I can put you in mine, let me know what time you want to make battling, and IT WILL BE ON.



Evie said...

Oh my god I did not even notice Stan the first time I saw this picture. OH MY GOD DAVID YOU ARE SO AWESOME.

Ivo said...

Heh. It's on.

My FC is 2621 8850 3211. Email me at [justivo gmail.com] to set up a time. Timezone-wise, I'm in UTC +1.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Oh my God, there's such a thing as catster.

aaron said...

There's also catspace and catbook, but we started the catsters 5+ years ago for the boys, so that they could be friends with weirdos.

Anonymous said...

ha! i didn't even notice stan either, until I got to point #2 of aaron's post! :D

that IS one cool pic!!!

David Henion said...

Holy crap you posted it. I just did it for kicks because of whatever episode you guys mentioned that an Aron was a Pokemon too. Since I haven't played Pokemon since the first on with Eevees. I totally guessed on the little kitty color hiding behind microphones. Thanks for the comic plug guys. :3

LOTR_Dan said...

0389 1023 8349

I'm read to take you on. I also would love to see the Pokemon you named after my girlfriend one of these days. :)

Send me an e-mail and we can get this sorted out. I'm in the Pacific time zone. My email is LOTRDan gmail.com

And don't worry, my team isn't set up for competitive battling either.

Unknown said...

It was great having the two of you back on the show, the original recipe is where it's at.

The Jaguar bit was sheer zaniness, although the kid in me who watched all those National Geographic nature shows with my father growing up had me cringing at the outright assault of the Cheetah's rightful place in the pantheon of fleet-footed felines. :)

You definitely hit on some good stuff this week, particularly the panels in SHIELD. Hickman has some big plans for this series; we just have to hope the sales are strong enough that Marvel will let him do his thing for the 3-4 years it will take to tell the major arc he has in mind.

One minor nit though...Aaron has lost his Moishe Ufnik-obsessed mind with the bashing of Cable/Deadpool 25. That was Deadpool written as he should be, pure awesomeness. It actually shocked me that Duane S was capable of writing humor, after the last two years of meandering sorrow that was hiding under the covers of the Cable ongoing.


Jason (Wood of 11 O'Clock Comics)