March 21, 2010

ABC Podcast, Episode #8......

......ehhhh, not quite yet.

See, it's done and all - and in fact, features our second-ever special guest host, the always hilarious Chris Sims from the Invincible Super Blog and War Rocket Ajax sitting in for Evie, who is right now in Austin watching skinny dudes in ladies' pants with hipster beards play 'electro-pop.'

And there's the problem.

See, I've forgotten our password for the service that hosts our podcasts, and I seem to have deleted the e-mail in which Evie sent it to me. Not a problem, you say? They have a "lost password" feature, you say? They'll either email my password to me, or they'll email instructions on how to reset it, you say? Well right you are! However, our email forwards to Evie's personal account.

Which (as you'll hear about on the show, once I manage to post it) means I can't get at it.

So the show's "in the can" as they say, but our password is "in Texas" which shouldn't be in quotes because that's really where it is.

It'll be here soon though. Promise.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aaron, I'm gonna steal that phrase from now on. ;D

Whenever I can't get at or access something or someone, I'm just gonna say, "well, it's/they're 'in Texas'" and watch how this will befuddle those I am speaking with. :D