March 22, 2010

ABC Podcast, Episode #85 plus visual aids

This episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by half of the War Rocket Ajax, which was kind enough to lend us one gently used Chris Sims for the episode. Chris sits in for Evie and takes issue with our dislike of Batman and Robin #10, and my love of most things Joe Kelly. Hercules: Death of an Avenger wins multiple awards, Archie comics are discussed on the show for the first time ever, and despite decades of comics reading between the two hosts, nobody can remember whether Thanos has ever had eye beams or not.

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Cover(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Guardians of the Galaxy #24, cover by Alex Garner:

(Note: This image from Marvel's website - I can't get my Photoshop to work, or else I could screencap this here preview - which you can click on if you want to see the awesome throwbacky text.)

Chris's pick, from Hercules: Death of an Avenger #1 of 2, cover by Ariel Olivetti:

Cover(s) of the Week

Again, no Photoshop, so no scanner for my pick (which is the hilarious Northstar panel from Hercules) but you can see Chris's pick here.


Euge said...

If you give me some advance notice, I will gladly give you a fake sponsor rap.

Great episode guys.


Rick Vance said...

Chris glad to see you loved Zurr En Arrh (but really who is kidding it has Batman saying "Hoisted by my own Petard") and Gold punching that thug in the face had me laughing for 5 straight minutes.

The most recent Brave and the Bold episode is the darkest animated Batman that has ever been done and has Adam West punching people in a Bat Costume again, its SPECTACULAR.

I hate to just talk about Batman but about B&R 10 moreso than the first 3 arcs of the story this is specifically a Mystery story centered on the Wayne Manor so all the stuff in the book comes with the territory.

Great episode.

NeoKefka said...

The whole "Carnage took over the Sentry" thing was a blogger goofing on the fact that when the Void was shown in an issue of Dark Avengers, he looked a lot like one of the symbiotes.

Great show guys!

Anonymous said...

funny show guys! :)

Bill D. said...

Have you seen the new Marvel Preview solicits? Firestar is in the new Young Allies book, being written by the Marvel version of Sean McKeever. Nomad, Gravity, Arana, Toro, and one other guy are in it, too. Sounds kinda good!

Mario McKellop said...
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