November 4, 2008

Your comics-related posts are on hiatus until I stop freaking the frak out, hopefully by Thursdayish

On Monday, November 1, 2004, I lived in Cambridge, Mass. and wrote this stirring pep talk and loving ode to my adopted home state about how it was places like Massachusetts that made the world okay, and we were going to get out there and send our senator to the White House gosh darnit, and oh the gay marriage thing made me so happy, and yay America. Well, we all know what happened the next day, and all I could bring myself to do at that point was post photos of Courtney and myself as Jem and Jerrica because what the fuck was the point of anything anymore, it was all so truly outrageous.

Of course, less than a month earlier, I had also written this open letter to the Boston Red Sox, saying that I loved them and everything but please don't break the curse and win the World Series because after the Super Bowl and everything there's just no way Massachusetts was going to sweep all important 2004 contests, so basically they would be dooming John Kerry to defeat.

So, in 2008: a) The Red Sox did not win the World Series; b) much more importantly, the Cubs did not break their endless curse and win the World Series, thereby dooming their Senator's White House chances; c) I did not write a warm, fuzzy hope-filled screed about how genuinely patriotic and optimistic and misty-eyed I'm feeling, even though I totally am. Come to your own conclusions, see you on the other side.

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Hey, gorgeous, let's dance!!!

That was some speech.