September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin rounds down when she tips

While Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle,

Sarah Palin washed your whites with her red parka

Sarah Palin tried to get on the elevator before you got off

Sarah Palin left the copy machine on 'staple'

Sarah Palin answered your Craig's List ad and then didn't show up

Sarah Palin said she didn't care where you got take out, then bitched about not being in the mood for Indian

Sarah Palin tried to recall that email she accidentally sent you

Sarah Palin likes Rod Stewart's version of "People Get Ready" the best

Sarah Palin regifted your handcarved salad bowl

Sarah Palin claps on the one and the three


Update: I just want to add that several hours after writing it (and after a Mets/Phillies game filled with heinous meatheads), I think this post is a little obnoxious, in that it's a cheap way to dis on the governor without thoughtfully calling her out on anything meaningful. So let's just say that my real problems with her are the same as everyone else's (unless you don't have any problems with her, in which case you and I can stick to talking about fictional funny books and everything will be just fine).


JC said...

John McCain's a war hero. Pass it on.

Elwood said...

So is the crazy-ass homeless guy under the freeway...don't make him qualified to be President.

Also, John McCain doesn't give a shit about him anyway.

Douglas Wolk said...

B-but it's funny!

Evie said...

Thanks Douglas--I also think it's funny :). Just had a lame need to acknowledge that that's really all it is.

Anonymous said...

This is fun, I'll play too!

Sarah Palin doesn't believe that domestic partners of gay state employees should get health benefits.

Sarah Palin cut Alaska programs for homeless teens by 30 percent.

Sarah Palin, as mayor, asked the city librarian how she could go about banning books.

Sarah Palin fired a guy for refusing to fire a guy who had broken up with her sister.

Sarah Palin inherited a city with a balanced budget, and left it with a 22 million dollar deficit.

Sarah Palin says she doesn't believe the melting of the ice caps has to do with global warming.

Sarah Palin was head of a 527 group for disgraced and now-indicted Senator Ted Stevens.

Sarah Palin also secured 27 million dollars in funds from Stevens - through the earmarking process which John McCain says he opposes

Sarah Palin is forcing her 17 year-old daughter to marry some meathead.

Sarah Palin...

...wait, are these supposed to be made up? Shit, I did it wrong.

Elwood said...

I wasn't trying to pick a fight. I thought it was funny, too.

Sarah Palin believes in dial-up internet.

Sarah Palin doors your car and doesn't leave a note.

Sarah Palin steals samples from the make-up counter.

Anonymous said...

fucking dick wads