September 22, 2008

ABC Podcast, Episode #15

This week's episode of Awesomed By Comics is sponsored by "Two and a Half Men," and Harriet's Halfway House, and three-quarters of a banana. Aaron and Evie revisit the awesomeness of Arcana's Penance: Trial of the Century with the second issue, say a sad goodbye to X-Men First Class as an ongoing, and finally give something to always-a-bridesmaid Tangent: Superman's Reign. Editing may not be super tight, Aaron has a lot of actual work to do.

I actually couldn't get this up when I was at home with my scanner and whatnot, so no visual aids for Cover and Panel of the Week just yet--maybe tonight, if I get a burst of energy.

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Anonymous said...

Show Notes:

1) I forgot the sponsorship music, which is my favorite part of the show.

2) I am aware that Kansas City is not in Kansas.

Evie said...

Actually, Kansas City crosses the state line between Kansas and Missouri, so you're cool.